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Why Work with a Staffing Agency for Short-Term Hires?


Why Work with a Staffing Agency for Short-Term Hires?

Many businesses need short term employees for one reason or another. You might have seasonal work to do, a rush season where work gets heavier, or you might need temporary financial professionals each year before tax season. Some businesses are project-based and sometimes need temporary roles filled to complete a high-demand project. But where do you get a temporary employee, building a good relationship without promising long-term employment?

The answer, for most businesses, is a staffing agency. Short-term staffing agencies specialize in connecting employers who need short-term roles with professionals looking for temporary work. Why? The reasons become clear when you understand the nature of short-term hiring and the benefits offered by an agency.

Traditional Hiring Suggests Long-Term Positions

When you list a job position and hold independent interviews, most professionals will assume you’re hiring for the long-term. This is an assumption built by centuries of tradition. Even if you list an end-date to the job listing, there will still be the impression and assumption that the one role will lead to others and long-term employment opportunities.

Traditional hiring tends to suggest long-term position availability. Hiring for temporary roles through an agency ensures that the professionals understand that the role is temporary.

Save Hiring Resources for Short-Term Results

It costs many thousands of dollars to hire one employee. Job advertising, assessments, interviews, and onboarding cost money. These costs are justified when you’re hiring for a new long-term employee who may serve the company for years. But the calculation might not be balanced for temporary positions. Let an agency soak the costs of finding and doing the initial screening for short-term hires and save your company those expenses.

Agencies Specialize in Scheduling Short-Term Availability

Availability is the single most complex part of hiring for temporary positions. The perfect temporary hire is someone who is available during exactly the dates you need but who has other plans before and after. This means they’re not angling for a long-term job and likely keep busy. But how to you align the dates perfectly, especially when you’re coordinating with some of the best short-term professionals in the industry? An agency can do this for you far more easily because they specialize in coordinating short-term jobs with professional availability.

Agencies Can Vouch for Career Short-Term Professionals

One of the challenges of temporary hiring is vetting your candidates. For a short-term role, it’s just as important if not more important to find the right fit of skills, experience, and attitude. Even if you’ll only be working with them for a few weeks or months. The interesting thing about short-term hiring agencies is that they often work with the same professionals for years; professionals who are available for temporary positions during specific seasons every year. They can far more quickly vouch for known professionals and vet new ones, so let them do what they do best.

Many Short-Term Workers Seek Agencies, Not Roles

Finally, it’s necessary to go where the professionals can find you. Professionals who intend to work temporary terms seek out agencies, not employers, because this is how the arrangement has been made. Agencies know the businesses that need temporary roles, so professionals go to agencies to get connected. By working with an agency, you gain the benefit of their connections.


Do you have a temporary role or set of roles that need hiring for? San Diego Pro Staffing can help you connect with the skilled professionals you need who are ready for short-term roles each year. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will help you build a partnership with the professionals who will make your busy season or high-demand project come out right. Contact us today and we’ll be proud to start a consultation and build the temporary workforce you need every year.