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Will Learning Excel VBA really help me get an Accounting Job?


There’s no question that Microsoft Excel is valuable in the accounting industry. It is one of the best tools to rely on when you are looking to evaluate data of all kinds. Unfortunately, many of the ways you can manage data inside an Excel spreadsheet are rather manual and can take some time. But, by spending some time learning more about VBA, you can quickly speed up the entire process and improve your prospect of obtaining a high paying accounting job.

What are the Benefits?

One of the best things about learning VBA is that it will allow you to customize some of the natural things Excel does. For example, while you are able to create tables and charts in Excel with the tools and wizards provided, you may not necessarily be able to customize them as much as needed. VBA eliminates this issue.

Another issue that is sometimes faced inside Microsoft Excel regards the speed of the spreadsheet itself. By doing things manually, this usually means you will need to create multiple formulas and functions to get the same results you would have by using VBA. This can quickly slow down the way your spreadsheet runs. Utilizing VBA will allow you to gain the same results with faster speeds.

You will also find that working with VBA in conjunction with Microsoft Excel will allow your spreadsheet to be more flexible. This flexibility will help you to create a spreadsheet that is easier to analyze and that contains clear and concise data. This becomes even truer as you become more familiar with VBA.

Learning VBA is also something that can help an individual’s personal career. With this knowledge, this individual will become a more valuable employee and will be able to have more input into the data their spreadsheet is creating. This could mean that better decisions are being made in the business because leaders are able to develop stronger opinions regarding the data from a spreadsheet.

Finally, VBA helps to ensure that data is accurate. When you complete tasks by hand, there is a greater chance that mistakeswill be made. However, with VBA, mistakes are easier to catch and correct. You will not be completing repetitive tasks by hand, which can cut down on the number of mistakes that you make.

Is VBA Difficult to Learn?

One concern that many users of Excel have is that they will not be able to learn the VBA language. However, VBA is one of the simplest languages you can learn to use. In the end, it mainly takes practice and a great amount of logic to learn how to use it properly. The important thing to remember is that you must keep practicing and using VBA to master it.

The actual length of time it will take you to learn VBA will depend on a number of things. For example, the more you practice with it, the faster you will be able to learn it. You will also need to be dedicated to learning it so that you can spend time researching and studying the language when you are not practicing real-life situations.

There are quite a few resources you can find for free online when you begin your VBA learning experience. These resources should help you to piece together everything you need to know about the language. However, there are also classes you can take and books you can buy to fully expand your knowledge.

Naturally, there are always some other options you can choose when it comes to programming languages. But, one of the main benefits of using VBA over these other languages is the level of support you can find online. Since the majority of Excel users rely on VBA, you will find more assistance with this language than with others.

Final Thoughts

In the end, VBA is something that can improve your overall Excel experience. It is something that can take something repetitive and mundane, that takes hours to complete by hand, to something that only takes a few moments and a couple of clicks of the mouse to complete.

In addition to this, learning VBA is something that will look much better on your resume, especially when you are looking for an accounting job. To learn more about this process, be sure to contact us today.