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10 Dynamic Words Your Resume Needs


Although the world is beginning to rely more and more on technology, one aspect of searching for a job never changes: the need for a solid resume. Not only do San Diego headhunters want to see a resume with experience and education, but they also need to know that you are well-suited for the position based on your descriptions. When you use dynamic words, the reader gains the impression that you are a dynamic employee that would serve as an asset to any team. Are you looking for new ways to amplify your resume? Consider these 10 words:


1. Accelerated


This is one word that packs a punch. Recruiters want to know that you will make an impact on the company, and improving efficiency is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you possess this quality. If you have recently sped up a process in the workplace or facilitated new growth, recruiters certainly want to hear about it.


2. Pioneered


A hiring manager or recruiter wants you to paint a picture for them. When you write that you pioneered a new program, the image is one of a go-getter and self-starter who knows what additions can make a company really tick. Resume readers want to know that you did more than simply go along with a program or develop ideas; they want to know that you have actively created something


3. Unified


A good employee brings a group together. Demonstrating your ability to unify a group with your leadership and group work skills shows work ethic and a positive attitude. Conflict arises at work, and recruiters want to know that you can be a peacemaker when the time arises.


4. Investigated


This word demonstrates that you ask questions and gain information. The recruiter knows that you are somebody who is naturally curious and who wants to gather information before making decisions. The reader also wants to know that you look into all avenues before arriving at a conclusion.


5. Designed


If you have designed something, you have likely taken responsibility for a project or revamp in some way. While it is fantastic that you come up with ideas on your own, recruiters want to know that you also implement them. You don’t simply have fleeting concepts that you never put to use; you actively engage with them to develop excellent solutions for workplace issues.


6. Boosted


Any word that indicates that you have changed something for the better is beneficial. These words show that you are proactive and take initiative. While ‘boosted’ is a great term, you can also use words like ‘increased’ or ‘improved’ to make your point.


7. Collaborated


It is easy enough to say that you work well in groups, but recruiters don’t believe it unless they see it. Where is the proof? Demonstrate your ability to play well with others by pointing to other projects you have worked on.


8. Led


Just as you need to be a team player, recruiters also want to see that you can lead a project or two on your own. Just as you need to be a follower, you must also take the reins at some point.


9. Transformed


Show recruiters that you know how to take a successful program and turn it into an even larger success. A hiring manager or recruiter needs to see that you have taken big steps in the name of improving the workplace, whether you have increased efficiency or employee satisfaction.


10. Expanded


Working for any company may require you to take steps that expand the company’s reach. How are you going to show that you have reached additional consumers with your efforts?


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