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Debunking Four Common Myths About Staffing Firms


Increasingly, businesses across the United States are turning to staffing companies for help with their recruiting and hiring processes. They’ve learned the benefits of outsourced staffing and are aware that staffing companies can save them time and money while finding top-notch talent for their teams. Despite the growing number of companies– across all industries– choosing to outsource their staffing, there are still some businesses who have yet to take the plunge. Often, their hesitation is due to a series of common misconceptions about what the staffing industry is all about. Let’s discuss some of the most persistent myths about staffing companies and the reality behind those myths:


Staffing firms only provide temporary workers. Perhaps your business doesn’t often– or ever– have a need for temporary employees. Logically, then, you would never have a reason to work with a staffing company, right? Wrong. One of the most common myths surrounding the staffing industry is that staffing companies only provide temporary employees to their clients. Thus, if you’re currently recruiting for a full-time, permanent accounting position, contacting a staffing company might never cross your mind. While staffing firms do provide temporary employees, they also recruit for temporary-to-hireand direct hire positions. Bringing a candidate on board in a temp-to-hire role can be especially advantageous for a business, as it allows them to “test drive” a potential employee before they’re hired as a permanent team member.


Staffing companies aren’t affordable. Many businesses dismiss the idea of outsourcing their hiring processes right off the bat, reasoning that it’s not a cost-effective option. What they might not consider, however, is the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training their employees without help. Traditional hiring methods often require overworked hiring managers or HR staff to devote countless hours to resume screening and interviewing potential candidates– sometimes at the expense of other job responsibilities. Staffing firms alleviate that burden by providing hiring managers with top-notch, pre-screened talent. Not only does this allow busy HR personnel and hiring managers to increase their own productivity, it often saves the company money associated with employee turnover.


Staffing firms only provide administrative help. Another widely circulating myth concerning the staffing industry is that they’re a great resource– if your company needs administrative help. Otherwise, they’re of no use to your business. This is simply not the case. Many staffing companies do provide administrative support for clients who need it. But many staffing companies also specialize in other areas– manufacturing, marketing, accounting, and financial services to name a few. Thus, if you have an opening outside of the administrative field, don’t discount the ability of a staffing firm to help you find the right fit.


Staffing companies can’t provide the highly qualified candidates I need. Many businesses wrongly assume that staffing companies aren’t capable of providing the level of candidates needed for their organizations. They assume the candidates lack the right education, skills, and experience. After all, they reason, if the candidates had the necessary skill set, they wouldn’t be looking for temporary work. The truth is, people register with staffing firms for a variety of reasons. Some like the flexibility temporary work offers. Others like the challenge of working in a variety of industries. Many are bridging the gap in between permanent job opportunities. Staffing companies carefully vet all potential candidates to help ensure that they not only have the necessary skills and experience, but they’re also the right fit for your organization’s culture.


Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the most common myths surrounding the staffing industry, is it time for your business to consider outsourcing your staffing? Allow us to help. We are a boutique staffing firm in the San Diego area, specializing in accounting, financial, and administrative positions. Contact us today to learn more!