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10 of the Best Part-Time Job for Seniors – Pt 2


[Continued from Part 1]

6) Customer Service Representative

In the modern business world, customer service is highly prioritized. Every brand in every industry needs people to answer phones or engage in live chat with customers to help solve problems. If you enjoy talking to people, problem-solving, and using communication technology then your part-time hours are in high demand.  Customer service jobs are always hiring and it can be a very rewarding choice for a part-time desk job.

7) “Craftpreneur” Aka: Etsy Shop Owner

The online market also holds some promise for seniors. If you are crafty and enjoy making fun, useful, or beautiful things then you can join the thousands on Etsy who have turned hobbies into a source of rewarding income. A great many seniors have found that their handicrafts which started as a relaxing hobby are in high demand when the designs appeal to the public. To test out this part-time route, simply put a few weeks into opening an online shop and listing a few of your most creative or appealing items. Because Etsy allows you to make items “on spec”, you don’t even have to build up an inventory. When you get a bite, spend a little time handmaking a custom item for the customer and enjoy the rewarding interaction and income.

8) Writing – Blogs and Freelance Ghost Writing

If you are a wizard with the written word or just a good practical writer who can convey your points clearly, then you can make money in today’s content-rich business world. In a time when every business has a blog and downloadable essays are considered marketing assets, there is always writing for pay that can be done. Whether you join the creative team of a single company or freelance writer on the internet, seniors with a joy for writing can create a part-time income from the written word.

9) Office Admin or Virtual Assistant

You can take on traditional “secretarial” work with a modern twist. Admin and assistant work is a tradition for seniors looking for a low-stress second career and there are so many options today. You can seek office work if you miss the workplace environment. Or, if you’d rather part-time from the comfort of your home office, you can become a Virtual Assistant, which is a type of online office admin who does paperwork and writing tasks for busy professionals who hire a few hours of assistance per week. This can be a diverse and very interesting job if the work suits you.

10) Bookkeeping or Tax Preparation

Finally, seniors with a financial background have two great options. If you enjoy working year-round with a trusted business, you can take up bookkeeping which involves careful attention to detail and ensuring that a business is spending its money wisely. If you enjoy seasonal work, potentially with different companies each year, you can become a tax preparer. This is someone who, just before taxes are due, helps businesses get their books in order and establish any tax deductions they qualify for. Both can be deeply rewarding if you have the right skills.

Naturally, these suggestions only scratch the surface of what seniors can do for part-time jobs. The business world is diverse and richly nuanced in safe, sit-down jobs that can be highly rewarding depending on your skills, background, and inclination. Ultimately, the best choice for you is simply something that you enjoy doing, keeps you interested, and brings in a little extra income to make your retirement savings last. One of the best ways to find entertaining and rewarding second-career positions is through a boutique staffing firm.

Here at San Diego Pro Staffing, we’ll be happy to talk about exactly what kind of job you’d most enjoy and help you find a part-time or temporary position to try it out! Contact us today to consult on your ideal post-retirement career path.