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3 Advantages to Partnering with a Staffing Firm Before Your Next Hire


As a manager, you spend a significant amount of time and money hiring employees. You analyze job responsibilities, candidate attributes, required skills and experience, and other pertinent information, then create job postings based on your findings. You interview candidates over several weeks, narrow down the finalists, make an offer, and gain a new hire. However, this process typically is inefficient. You can save significant time and money by partnering with a staffing firm. 

Here are three reasons why you should partner with Boutique Recruiting before hiring your next employee. 

Hiring on Your Own Is Difficult 

Recruiting on your own is challenging. Although the majority of roles are filled by hiring from the outside rather than promoting from within, less internal development often results in fewer clear career ladders. As a result, many workers leave their employer to find better opportunities elsewhere. This means that you have to continue replacing your own employees due to voluntary turnover.  

Because there will be times when your employees aren’t qualified to be promoted from within, it’s best to turn to experts who have established relationships with the types of candidates you’re looking for. Boutique Recruiting has qualified candidates to fill your hiring needs. 

Finding Qualified Candidates Takes Time   

Your hiring funnel probably is bringing in significantly more applicants than you have time to interview. Since a very small number are hired compared to the number who apply and interview for positions, it’s better to create a reduced, more qualified applicant pool. Because each applicant costs money, it’s more effective to narrow the applicant pool from the start and shorten the hiring process. 

Partnering with a staffing firm means having a small number of vetted candidates sent to you for interviews. You receive the top candidates the firm has cultivated connections with. This significantly cuts down on the time and money needed to move toward a hiring decision. Boutique Recruiting can handle all of this for you. 

Candidates’ Skills Need to Be Tested 

Using past performance to predict which candidates will be the best hires is ineffective. Most jobs have a variety of tasks, aspects, and other factors that affect how successful someone is in a role. A much better predictor of success is testing for standard skills required for a position. Using the test results when making hiring decisions increases the odds of hiring the best candidates.    

A staffing firm tests for specific skills before preparing candidates for job interviews. This increases the odds that you meet with candidates who have the qualifications required to perform the work you need done. Boutique Recruiting ensures all candidates are strongly skilled in the areas you’re looking for to increase efficiency in the recruiting process. 

Find Your Next Hire 

Partner with Boutique Recruiting to find your next hire. We vet all of our finance, accounting, and admin candidates before sending them to employers for interviews. Learn more about our process today.