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Are You Thinking Too Much About a Career Change?


If you’ve been working in the same career for years, it may be time for something new. You might have accomplished all you set out to do, grown beyond what initially got you interested in the field, or simply want a different challenge. Keep in mind that it’s better to try something new and learn whether it’s right for you than continue to do the same thing and not grow. 

Here are some signs that you’re overthinking a career change and need to move forward.  

You Change the Subject When Asked About Your Career  

If you talk about something else when the subject of your career comes up, then you’re overthinking it. You might be scared of making a career change but not want to talk about it, or be afraid of making the wrong decision. Not discussing it means people can’t point out when a change is in your best interest. Instead, think about why you continue to avoid the subject when it arises. Talk with your family and friends about the benefits of getting a new career. Share what your fears are and how others can help alleviate them. Suggest specific ways the people you care about can support you through the transition.   

You See an Opportunity but Avoid Learning More 

If you come across a job that sounds interesting but don’t look into it, then you’re overthinking it. You might tell yourself that you aren’t qualified, won’t succeed, or have no business trying something different. Instead, focus on the reasons why the opportunity might be just what you’re looking for. Change your thoughts of “I can’t” to “I can. Here’s how.” Begin researching the opportunity to see whether it truly interests you and is something you want to pursue. If so, make a list of reasons why taking further action is in your best interest and what the steps are to make it happen. Continue moving forward until you make your goal a reality. 

You Research Options but Avoid Making a Decision 

If you continually look into careers that interest you but don’t decide which one to pursue, then you’re overthinking it. You might learn a great deal about so many careers that you become stuck thinking about all of your options. Instead, narrow down your career search to two or three options that strongly engage you. Then, learn about major companies that are hiring for entry level roles in these areas. Find employees who work in the same fields to set up informational interviews with. Use what you learn to determine which field to pursue. Begin applying for jobs in this area. Continue enhancing your knowledge and skills as you prepare for interviews. Accept the job offer that’s right for you.    

Meet with a Recruiter 

For help making your career change, meet with a recruiter from Boutique Recruiting. We discuss your skills, experience, interests, and objectives to help you get started on a new career path. See which jobs you want to learn more about today.