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Employee Perks and Why They Matter


Employee perks are closely tied to lifestyle quality. Common perks include flexible work hours, professional development opportunities, wellness programs, and remote work options. Employee perks enhance work-life balance. They help staff improve their physical and mental health and care for their families while getting ahead in their careers. Because workers who receive perks feel supported both inside and outside the office, they tend to have a stronger relationship with their employer. This leads to increased engagement, productivity, retention, and other advantages for employers.  

Learn how some of the most in-demand employee perks can benefit your company.  

Leading Employee Perks   

Your company can provide in-demand employee perks no matter its budget. Professional development is high on the list. Your staff can participate in Lynda courses through LinkedIn, internal training with one employee teaching the others about a skill, or book assignments with follow-up discussions. These activities help staff stay current on news, developments, and techniques in their industry, remain relevant, and feel confident in their work. Wellness programs are important as well. Employees need to know that their health is important to you. A flexible schedule lets team members decide when to begin and end their work day. This might involve coming to the office during certain hours, leaving during certain hours, or working four 10-hour days and taking off one day per week. Remote work options allow employees more time to be productive. Avoiding a commute reduces stress and burnout while allowing employees to better manage their personal and professional needs. 

How Employee Perks Attract Top Talent 

The best professionals want to work for employers that provide perks that fill their needs. These perks may include on-site daycare, access to low-cost food, book clubs, or movie showings. If talent were offered a job at a similar company without the perks they want, odds are they’d remain with the organization they’re part of. Since employee perks increase both job satisfaction and life satisfaction, workers tend to turn down job offers elsewhere. They enjoy knowing their employer is invested in them as individuals.  

Find Top Talent 

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