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3 Tips for Negotiating Salary for Your New Jobs


Your resume was a hit and you fared well during the interview process. Now comes the time to negotiate your compensation package, specifically, your salary. Many interviewees are nervous of this part of the hiring process, which is natural. However, knowing how to discuss your compensation package will help you in many future workplace situations. Here are some tips for negotiating salary for your new jobs:

Salary Negotiation Technique
  1. Patience: While you will need to discuss salary at some point during the interview process, when you do so is very important. Too early in the process indicates that you care mostly about the compensation and perhaps not as much about the culture or work experience. Likewise, by avoiding the topic, you may inadvertently suggest to your employers that you have difficulty addressing hard topics.
  2. Proof is in the performance: Finances are not just a concern of yours – they are also a concern of your potential employer too. If an employer offers you a starting salary that is lower than you would expect, you do not necessarily have to accept that offer. However, if you want the position, you can ask for a quantifiable performance-based increase or bonus before your yearly performance review. Make sure you get this in writing.
  3. More than money: Obviously, your salary is a major part of your compensation package – but it’s not the only part. If you need to bridge the gap between your employer’s salary offer and your expectation, consider asking for non-salary perks, such as extra vacation days or the option to work-from home occasionally.

While no one enjoys talking about money, it is an important subject that will be discussed during the interview process. Consider the above tips for negotiating salary for your new jobs to help you get the compensation you want at the job you will love.