3 Career Insights You Should Use in 2015

Understanding the Needs of Employers in a Candidate Search
Source: San Diego Pro Staffing

With 2015 here, how will you fare with your new years resolutions? Maybe you’re planning to update your resume or expand your horizons in some other way. Going forward into the new year, here are a few career insights you should use in 2015.

Understanding the Needs of Employers in a Candidate Search
Source: San Diego Pro Staffing
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. LinkedIn is essential to presenting potential employers with a social and professional snapshot of your skills. More in depth than a resume and easier to manage.
  • Make certain you acquire the skills you need to do the job you are looking for. A lot of information is available online and can easily be obtained through online courses. Some of these are even free. If you are between jobs, this is a perfect time to increase your skill set.
  • Expectations are changing. Both employers and potential employees are slowly adjusting to the idea of a changing economy in which the goal length of employment is about 3 – 5 years. Thinking in terms of full-time job instead of long term job can help change your perspective. It is to be expected that your resume in 10 years will include several career changes, strategic moves forward in the right direction for you.

If you have any questions about these career insights you should use in 2015, please contact us and let one of our team members at San Diego Pro Staffing help you today.

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