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Examining the San Diego Job Market in 2015


If you’re looking to re-enter the work force, are considering switching employers, or are wondering if  you’ll be hiring more employees, you’re likely wondering how the San Diego Job Market in 2015 will be.

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The Point Loma Nazarene University recently released a positive economic forecast for San Diego. The report said that this city will lead the country in economic growth. It  found that many of the city’s businesses– which include restaurants and shops– were optimistic about the economy and believe that the recession is finally over.

The biotech field, which is leading edge field in the San Diego Job Market in 2015, is growing rapidly and is a hot field to enter. Other areas continue to grow as well such as technological firms making unmanned aerial vehicles. The health care field and environmental science areas are also growing. Tourism and defense are other large segments in the San Diego Job Market.

With these job opportunities and growing fields, San Diego should be adding approximately 35,000 new jobs this year. This will be the most jobs added since 2012, and should lower the unemployment rate to 5.4% by the end of 2015. It is thought that San Diego will be the leader for new jobs, in not only the state, but the nation.

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