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Exploring The Tech Scene in San Diego


Exploring the tech scene in San Diego could provide you with invaluable information. After all, this city has been rated by both The Huffington Post and Forbes as one of the best places for a start up company in the tech field.

Exploring The Tech Scene in San Diego

San Diego has been rated as the fifth best business community in our country. There is a large number of industries that are projected as high growth as well as a lot of businesses that very likely accept credit cards and heavily rely on social media.

This city has hundreds of tech companies and many of them are building wonderful products.  However, with technology rapidly progressing, a lot of start up tech companies survive, but others do not. There are several reasons why they don’t make it:

  • Generally, local companies do not team up and work together. Instead, both start ups and established tech companies choose to work with larger companies based out of town. This is because they are well known, have more power, and simply pay more.
  • The investment dollars are not in San Diego like they are in L.A. or Silicon Valley.  These markets are where investors commonly turn.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize how hard it is to start a new company and San Diego has a lot of distractions.
  • There is not what you would call “real” mentorship programs, and those who are mentors may not do more than give basic advice.

The Qualcomm Robotics Acceleratr, powered by Techstars, has been found to be most valuable to start ups in the country and makes mentorship a priority. Applications are accepted for this four month program.

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