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5 Examples When Temporary Staffing can Save the Day


Temporary staff fill an interesting niche in the business world, and not just for seasonal retail. Highly trained and skilled staff often seek temporary work for their own reasons, often relating to their own unique working schedules or prior obligations. Many different factors come together to make top-talent temporary staff available on the job market, but ones to truly benefit are companies.

Non-seasonal businesses never think they’ll need temporary staff… until they do. In the business world, timing doesn’t always work out. And when you find yourself short-staffed at a critical moment, temporary hires are often the ideal way to save the day and keep the team on track without exhaustion or overtime.

Here are five different examples of how temporary staffing can save the day, whether you saw the need ahead of time or not.

1) Critical Staff Out on Maternity Leave

Offering a generous maternity leave is just good form for more employers. It’s important to give professional women time to start a family and recover from the birth before returning to work. However, those months where a new mother’s job is ‘on hold’ for her can be touch on the company. While you can’t fill the position permanently, you can hire someone to step in and pick up the slack while a new mother is resting at home.

Temporary staffing can be the perfect solution if the new mother in question was in a critical position or if the work she did was important to overall team performance. A temporary professional will fill that role or, at least, help the team carry the project until the new mother can return.

2) During a Protracted Hiring Process

Hiring new staff for a permanent position is a very important decision, one many companies take months to make just to do it right. However, a hiring process that lasts months is bad for the team as a key position sits empty and the team is left to pick up the slack. The longer a hiring process takes, the longer that role stays unassigned and the work goes un-done or burdens others.

A temporary staff member may be exactly what you need in the interim. Someone who has been vetted by your trusted boutique staffing agency and who will hold up the team until the hiring process can be complete. In some situations, the temporary staff member hired is so good in that position that the permanent role is offered to them and the company doesn’t have to go through a long and arduous candidate search.

3) When Key Staff Quits Unexpectedly

Sometimes, employees move on and companies are not prepared to replace them at short notice. Two weeks just isn’t long enough for most businesses to find a good replacement for a valued employee to turns in their notice. Likely, you’ll need two months or more to write the description, saturate the job search sites, gather candidates, interview candidates, and finally, choose the right new person for the role.

In the meantime, a temporary professional staff member can step in to fill the departing employee’ shoes and hold up the team during the hiring process. In fact, a temp professional can arrive in time to catch the last two weeks of your departing employee and get the hand-over training, then offer that hand-over training to whoever is hired permanently for the role.

4) During an Unexpected Rush

Seasonal businesses often invest in temporary staff during the ‘busy season’ to handle the overload of work that happens for only a few months a year. However, seasonal businesses aren’t the only ones that occasionally experience a rush. Non-seasonal businesses that get a new client, contract, or sudden opportunity may also find themselves suddenly overwhelmed with an amount of work that is too great for the current team to tackle.

Temporary staff can fill out your ranks to help you meet stacking deadlines when the work piles up too fast. Whether your new client has big plans or you suddenly landed three contracts that were in negotiation, temporary staff can come to the rescue to get everything done on time.

Here at San Diego Pro Staffing, we specialize in connecting businesses with the right temporary staff for their needs. Accountants and bookkeepers, programmers and office admins; whenever your business needs short-term staff to pick up the slack, a solution can be found. For more on how temporary staffing can improve your business workflow, contact us today!