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Boutique Staffing Agency: Why a Specific Focus Yields the Best Results


Whether you are looking for a job or searching for talent, your first instinct may involve calling a big name staffing agency. They possess a more extensive database, a bigger staff, and, let’s face it, a healthier marketing and advertising budget.

But, bigger doesn’t always equate to better. Smaller boutique staffing agencies make up the bulk of the staffing agencies in the United States. Over two-thirds or 68 percent of staffing agencies do fall into the category of a boutique agency. These smaller firms typically have fewer than six recruiters.

What are the advantages of a boutique agency?

So, why are smaller agencies so popular and successful? There are several advantages boutique agencies have over the big guys:

  • Large recruiting companies might possess an extensive database, but they all need to deal with a significant conflict of interest. If, for instance, the agency finds the perfect new position for a job hunter, but that person also happens to currently work for a company who also uses the agency, that job hunter, cannot pursue that opportunity.
  • Boutique agencies specialize in no more than a few industries. This limited circle of clients allows them to know those industries and the influential people in it. This extensive knowledge allows for maximum efficiency. Some would claim that boutique agencies employ better recruiters and receive better clients.
  • Smaller boutique firms operate more on teamwork and less on competitiveness when it comes to their headhunters. With this cooperative effort, you’re likely to get more attention and better service even though you’re working with a smaller staff.

What kind of job candidate seeks out the services of a boutique agency?

Most recruitment agencies put their candidates through a process that includes the initial application and testing. And, of course, a criminal background check as well as employment, education, and character references all go through a verification process. But, the in-depth conversation the recruiter conducts with the candidate barely exists.

The job-seeker who wants more from their career or even a retiree looking for more meaningful part-time work seeks out a firm who not only specializes in their field but also takes the time to get to know them and their attributes that go beyond their initial application. This high-quality candidate profile results in the best results for the employer looking for talent.

What we offer at Boutique Recruiting:

At Boutique Recruiting, we specialize in accounting, financial, and administrative industries in the San Diego area. When matching up a job seeker with an employer, we look at the big picture and long-term success for everyone concerned. We don’t just fill a slot haphazardly but seek to build long term and good relationships with our clients.

We offer employers placement services for permanent, temporary, consulting, and temp to hire employees. We work closely with employers to help evaluate and fulfill their staffing needs.

What to expect from Boutique Recruiting:

Since we focus on San Diego and the surrounding area rather than dealing with a national database, we get to know our clients, both employers and job candidates very well. This first-hand knowledge of the industries we serve allows us to make better and longer lasting matchups.

In addition to our expertise of the industries and the San Diego area in general, we offer the following services for employers looking for the perfect temporary or permanent employee:

  • Online recruitment ads
  • Social media connections
  • Background checks for candidates
  • Verify candidate referrals
  • Skills testing for job seekers
  • Additional training for candidates
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Replacement services if an employee doesn’t end up as a good fit

We want your company to think of us as an extension of your Human Resource department. When we take care of filling your staffing needs, your focus on your business and your clients and customers takes priority, and your business thrives,

For more information, please contact us.