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5 Tips to Prepare You for Your Next Interview


One key to securing your next finance, accounting, or admin role is interview preparation. Taking time to consider how your skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications align with what an employer is looking for lets you demonstrate why you’re the best candidate. Finding out all you can about the company, position, and culture lets you determine whether you would be successful in the position.

Study the Job Description

Learn all you can through the job description. Study the skills, qualifications, qualities, and background an ideal candidate has. Determine how to align yourself with what the employer is looking for. This may include certifications, knowledge, and skills you gained from other positions. Find out about the job responsibilities so you know you can fulfill them.

Consider Your Qualifications

Think about what makes you qualified for the position. Include why you’re interested in the opportunity and specific examples of how you fulfilled similar requirements in other roles. Include metrics to show your accomplishments and how you provided additional value for previous employers. Show how your experiences and abilities can contribute to the goals of the new department and company.

Research the Company and Role

Find out all you can about the business and position. Study information on the company’s product or service. Research similar roles and read reviews from employees in these positions to get an idea of what day-to-day activities could be. Learn about culture through the company website and social media accounts. Read about the organization on websites or industry magazines to see how it compares to competitors. Check out employee reviews on Glassdoor to see what it’s like working for the employer.

Prepare Interview Questions and Answers  

Think about your answers to common questions and which questions you have for the interviewer. One question you may be asked is why you want to work for the employer. Your answer may include aspects of the products or services, company mission, history, or culture that appeal to you and align with your career goals. Another question could involve what interests you most about the position. You might point out your relevant skills and experience or aspects of the job you particularly enjoy or excel at. Ask the interviewer questions such as what a typical day in the role is like or which qualities the most successful employees have. 

Participate in Mock Interviews

Ask a family member or friend to lead mock interviews with you. Practicing the interview process relieves anxiety, improves confidence, and facilitates making a good impression. Pay attention to your smile, handshake, and stride. Be sure to use a strong speaking voice and show friendly body language. Refine your answers and commit them to memory. Rehearse until you feel comfortable with what you say and how you say it.

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