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4 Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm


A staffing firm often is the best resource to use for your hiring process. The firm spends time and money sourcing, screening, interviewing, and testing candidates to determine their skills, experience, and qualifications. When you contact the staffing firm to discuss your job description, company culture, ideal candidate, and other requirements, the firm is able to send you the qualified talent you need to fill the position. You’re able to find a placement in significantly less time than it would take to perform the actions on your own.

Time Savings

Hiring is a time-consuming process. You have to sift through resumes, phone screen candidates, and interview the ones you want to meet. You must negotiate a job offer, perform background and reference checks, and participate in onboarding and training. All of this takes away time from your core business. By allowing a staffing firm to handle your hiring needs, you have more time to focus on daily operations. The firm can source, screen, and prepare candidates before they interview with you. You save a substantial amount of time by meeting a few qualified candidates and negotiating a job offer.  

Monetary Savings

You want to avoid spending money on a bad hire. This adversely impacts employee morale, company culture, and your bottom line. Working with a staffing firm lowers the odds of a bad hire. Because recruiters are experts in identifying top talent, they send you candidates who are well-qualified for roles. Because the firm prescreens and qualifies candidates, you’re sure to interview the best talent for a position. If you happen to not hire the best talent for a position, the firm most likely will send another candidate that’s more to your liking in their place.  

Hiring Skill

Since you probably don’t excel at recruiting, you’re better off having a professional handle your hiring needs. A staffing firm recruiter knows the hiring market inside and out. They ensure candidates know about your competitive benefits, opportunities for advancement, and additional characteristics that set you apart from other employers. The recruiter reaches the best available talent, negotiates salary based on current trends, and clarifies expectations for benefits and bonuses. They can discuss current hiring complexities, available skill sets and shortages, and related topics.

Reduced Risk

As an employer, you want to reduce risks as much as possible. Partnering with a staffing firm reduces many legal, operational, and financial risks. When the firm is the employer of record for temporary or contract workers, it takes on many related liabilities while the workers are on assignment. You gain peace of mind knowing your risks are lower. 

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