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Work and Life: The Importance of Encouraging Balance


In today’s fast-paced business world, encouraging employees to maintain work-life balance is necessary. Not only are staff able to maintain personal relationships and their health, but they also can improve their efficiency and work performance. As a result, you need to emphasize the importance of unplugging at an appropriate time each night and having employees take all of their vacation time each year. You also should provide a flexible schedule, remote work options, or other flexibility when possible.

Here are four reasons why promoting work-life balance is important. 

Increase Engagement

Encouraging employees to find a work-life balance that works for them increases engagement. This improves work performance, output, and your bottom line. Staff are better equipped to come up with, develop, and implement ideas for products/services to keep the company growing. Going the extra mile means employees are more likely to be recognized for their contributions, get promoted, and remain loyal to your company.

Maintain Focus

When staff have appropriate work-life balance, they control where their focus is. When employees are at the office, they focus on completing tasks. When they’re at home, they focus on spending time with their partner, children, or friends. In either case, staff live in the moment and pay attention to the experiences they’re having. Actively engaging in activities that make people happy increases their overall wellbeing and quality of life.  

Reduce Health Concerns

Promoting work-life balance reduces employees’ development of physical and mental health issues. When staff feel rested and energetic, their immune systems function better. Reducing stress decreases employees’ odds of experiencing the flu, chronic aches and pains, respiratory problems, hypertension, digestive issues, heart-related problems, or strokes. It also positively impacts mental health, reducing the odds of experiencing depression, anxiety, or insomnia. As a result, staff experience fewer unplanned absences that cause disruptions in workflow and decrease your bottom line. 

Avoid Burnout

Having a work-life balance helps staff avoid burnout. Being able to meet professional and personal responsibilities lowers their stress levels and keeps them from feeling overwhelmed. Separating employees’ work and home life means the majority of their stress stays at the office. Attending to personal needs and interests increases feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment. This is much more desirable than the fatigue, mood swings, irritability, and decrease in work performance that often leads to burnout.  

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