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Acquiring Top Talent for Your San Diego Business



The acquisition of top talent is a sought after goal for business owners and managers. Attracting and then maintaining excellent talent is possible if you understand who the laborers are entering the workforce. The Pew Research Center reports “one in three American workers today are Millennials.” This number will increase quite a bit by 2020. By understanding millennials, managers and business owners create a workplace that is attractive and stimulating. Let’s look at 4 characteristics of the millennial generation.

Millennials are Team-Oriented

According to Forbes Magazine, eighty-eight percent of millennials say they would rather collaborate on projects as opposed to work in a competitive atmosphere. Business leaders who foster a team approach for their employees will garner the millennials‘ attention who are most comfortable in that setting. Allowing employees to work on projects in teams is one way to accomplish this.

Even the office arrangement can encourage collaboration. Of course, it doesn’t pay to revamp the entire office by tearing down walls just to accommodate a team “feel”, but there are certainly some areas of the building that can easily be transformed into group work areas or a brainstorming hub.

Millennials Want Flexibility

For the most part, millennials would like to have a flexible work schedule. Actually, Forbes revealed that seventy-four percent of them want that, and who doesn’t? There is a fine line between allowing for flexibility and having employees set their own schedule (which may bewhy seventy-two percent of millennials want to be a boss). However, if there is a way to work flexibility into the agreement, it will be a hit with millennials.

Millennials Support Social Responsibility

Millennialsare 66 percent more likely to engage with brands when issues of social responsibility are brought to the forefront.” Highlight any feature or cause that your company engages in that reflects social responsibility or care because it means a lot to millennials. This is not the same as simply picking a charity to give a few dollars to and then tooting your horn about it; however, it does mean showing through actions your company’s involvement in with social concerns; it does not even need to be in a huge way, just as long as the concern is viewed as genuine.

Millennials are Technologically “Connected”

Since millennials have always had the internet and smart phones, they connect to the world in a way past generations did not. They use technology to make purchases, as well as research about purchasing decisions. They look to the internet when job searching, use staffing agencies, and utilize social media sites such as LinkedIn to find the perfect fit. Being proactive as an employer gives you the lead on tapping into the talent that is out there.

Top talent acquisition need not be a laborious process. With the aid of a staffing firm in San Diego, your job is easier. Staffing agencies bring to the table many benefits:

  • Staffing firms in San Diego have a large, continually updated, database of top talent.
  • Staffing agencies in San Diego are skilled at matching employer’s needs with employee’s skill sets.
  • Staffing agencies in San Diego have a history of finding talented employees for businesses.
  • San Diego staffing agencies match your company’s culture with prospective applicants, thus reducing turnover time.

If you are an employer in need of securing top talent, San Diego Pro Staffing, Inc. has over fifty years of combined experience. We are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your company, not simply filling the position. We take pride in sending our clients qualified candidates. If you would like more information about our staffing services, please contact us today!