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Be Sure to Avoid These 5 Resume Writing Mistakes


When applying for a job, it is important that your resume is clean, legible, and accurately reflects your work experience and accomplishments. It can be a bit challenging to decide which details to include and what to leave out. These revisions are common for all types of professionals and career types. A few tips can help you avoid these 5 resume writing mistakes.

Job Application Tips
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First, make sure the text is clean, precise, and easy to read. If there is too much going on, different sized fonts, it can be an annoyance to read. Employers typically scan a resume for the important information. Revise it to make it easy to read.

When listing what you did at a job, highlight your accomplishments instead of mere duties. Describing what you brought to the job is more enticing to employers. For example, if you increased sales or improved productivity, list that.

In describing your job duties, use action verbs to illustrate what you did. Words like developed, managed, organized, and operated showcase your skills and what you succeeded at. Display your strengths on your resume.

When revising your resume, be sure to do a spell check. It is essential that you use proper grammar. It shows you are a real professional and you care about a job. Do a thorough scan and make sure everything is concise and makes sense.

Every resume is different. Find a style that works for you and looks professional. Resumes are not a one-size-fits-all. It depends on your industry, experience,etc. Look at different formats and see which one best fits your skills and career.

These tips will help you avoid these 5 resume writing mistakes. You can revise it yourself or go to a place that provides career services and have a staff member rework it with you. They can guide you through areas to work on, parts to highlight, and a style that best fits you. Highlight your expertise and what you can bring to the job.