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Bleeding Edge Recruiting Trends and Why They’re Important in 2015


“Bleeding edge” recruiting trends for 2015 stand apart from the usual recruiting trends. “Bleeding edge” refers to trends that are unique because less than 5% of firms use these methods to seek out trends. Make note of the following recruiting trends for 2015:

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  • There has been a shift in control from the employer to those seeking employment, based on findings from 83% of recruiters. This means that top candidates likely have multiple options of where to work and recruiters will now have to change their approach to “selling candidates.”
  • The top firms are now recognizing that the mobile platform should be involved in all aspects of recruiting. For instance, one should be able to apply to a position via his mobile phone, view videos in regards to job descriptions, and this avenue should be the primary mode of communication with potential candidates.
  • There is beginning to be a shift where compelling offers must be extended to people for them to accept offers. For instance, sign on bonuses and a candidate’s job acceptance criteria becomes essential. Recruiters will need to update their approach and skills of creating appealing offers.
  • A big surprise will be a shortage of top recruiters. Expect bidding wars as top companies face this revelation.
  • Turnover rates at companies continue to increase, which also equates to increased rates of recruiting. However, make note that a firm’s high rate of turnover also affects a recruiters ability to recruit new employees. Companies will need to assess new employees for the likelihood of an early departure from the company.
  • While some very talented people present weak resumes, you will be able to discover their work on line via avenues like the internet and social media. This is a plus because a person’s work is always more representative of their capabilities than a resume.

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