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Tech Skills in Demand in Marketing


If you’re a marketing professional with a background in technology, you are in demand. Make note of the following tech skills in demand in marketing. If you don’t currently have these skills, it might be to your advantage to acquire them.

Understanding the Needs of Employers in a Candidate Search
Source: San Diego Pro Staffing
  • Front End Developers should look to hone their business skills. For instance, one will be a valuable addition to a marketing team if he understands lead generation, conversion rates on websites, UI/UX, and customer engagement.
  • Mobile and app development is becoming more the norm within marketing. This is because there is a need for more customer engagement, as well as external marketing initiatives that will directly effect revenue.
  • Those with commerce and digital marketing skills need to more deeply understand internet users behaviors. One also needs the tech skills in order to implement and put into action business objectives.
  • Search engine marketing skills and search engine optimization are also important skills that help bring more people to a company’s website. It can also result in more products and services being sold.
  • Research and analytics are vital to marketing companies, as it can be difficult for marketing departments to understand big data, as it is generally not structured, integrated, or available in a traditional process. People who can look at the data, organize and analyze it, and make plans based on that date are in demand.
  • Social media is in high demand, as this avenue becomes more and more visible in our society. People who work in social media work to build the presence of a company online through a number of social networking websites. Through this, one can engage others and increase brand awareness.

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