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Boutique Staffing Agency: The Right Size to Fill Your Needs


Finding temporary employees who fit your needs exactly can be difficult when you use a one-size-fits-all employment agency, but with a boutique staffing agency the workers can be hand selected to be exactly the person you’re looking for.


Personalized Service


With a boutique staffing agency, you can expect customer service focused on your business needs. While all employment agencies want to serve their customers, the specialized offerings of a boutique service usually means that they have a better understanding of your particular needs.


When your accounts payable clerk is on paternity leave and you need a replacement, our boutique agency will understand the difference between needing an accountant and a CPA. In addition, at a boutique agency, your liaison is likely to be very familiar with the type of work you are hiring someone to do. In fact, your liaison may specialize in only handling financial employees or administrative assistants.


Equally importantly, because your boutique staffing agency is dealing with a smaller number of clients, both as employers and potential employees, they are likely to have a better idea of who in the temp pool will be the best match for your business on many levels including skill set, personality and availability.


Last year, Forbes magazine listed the “perils” of choosing a large agency over a boutique staffing agency, and included the number of employers an agency works with as a pitfall. Specifically, if you work with a large employment agency, they may know the perfect candidate for your open position, but may have already sent that top talent to work somewhere else.


Good business ethics, and you definitely want those in your staffing agency, dictates that they cannot reassign that employee to your needs because they have to work in the best interest of all their clients. Generally, that means they can only offer the position to an employee-client who is listed as “available for work.”


With a boutique agency, the staffing representative may have developed a wider network of potential talent because the agency specializes. She may even know people who are not actively looking for temporary work that might be the perfect fit for your project. And, as a boutique staffing representative, she has the flexibility to call and ask if they are interested in your project.


Specific Client Knowledge


Usually, in larger staffing agencies, the staffing representatives, and sometimes the talent pool as well, is comprised of generalists. They may be adequate at their jobs and complete tasks as assigned, but let’s face it, you need a superstar.


When you opt for a boutique staffing agency, you start with a staffing representative who understands the details of the job you need done. She understands when a bookkeeper is sufficient and when you need a certified accountant. Your representative is less likely to be focused on filling a quota and more likely to be focused on your specific needs. If that means spending an hour with you to understand exactly what demands you’ll have for an administrative assistant, she’ll do it.


With a boutique staffing agency, you know that you won’t be sent a cookie-cutter employee who could work at any office around town. You’ll be sent an employee who understands the job and the job as it relates to your business. The goal of the staffing agency is to send you temporary employees that are so good at stepping in to the tasks at hand that you may never want to let them go.


The reality of today’s marketplace is that top talent is more readily available than you might think, if you know where to look for them. Whether you are hiring a temp for a vacation replacement or looking for a temp-to-hire long-term placement, when you contact us you can rest assured that we’ve done the legwork and found you the best possible candidate for your specific needs.