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Why Headhunting Shouldn’t Be Considered a Dirty Word


In the business and finance world, headhunting is sometimes considered a “dirty” or “unfair” way to staff a business. That misconception is absolutely ridiculous: headhunting is actually one of the most effective ways you can find employees.

The following headhunting benefits should convince you that this process doesn’t actually deserve its bad reputation. And hopefully it will convince you to try it out for yourself: you’ll never regret it.

Market Mapping Gives You an Edge

While most headhunters aren’t usually limited to a single industry, they are experts at learning all they need to know about your market, its sector, and your specific business. They take your mission statement, your goals, and your needs very seriously and work hard to ensure that they are met.

They will also try to understand personalities of the key leaders in your business and learn all they can about their leadership styles. That information will be crucial when they start their hunt for applicants, as it will help them find someone who will fit in with your business and its leadership style.

Each Applicant is Very Researched

Headhunters spend a long time researching each potential candidate: they look through their employment history, their success in their current job, any type of criminal history, and any awards or certifications they may have earned. They put in all that work to ensure that you get the right employee, every time.

However, they aren’t just trying to find someone with the suitable skills for your company: they’re also trying to find someone who suits your company’s philosophy. For example, if you are a non-profit, Christian-based company, they’ll try to find someone who has similar beliefs.

Very Fine-Tuned Selection Process

When putting out a call for a new employee, you are likely to be bombarded with applications from a wide range of people you have no interest in hiring. But you give them an interview anyway, in the off-chance they’re more charming or seem more competent in person. Usually, they don’t.

That’s where headhunting becomes so advantageous: instead of sorting through dozens of applications, headhunters will help limit your applicants to the ones that are the most appropriate. And they will contact anyone you’re interested in and do a lot of the difficult legwork for you.

Much Cheaper Than Other Recruitment Methods

The cost involved in finding new employees can be immense, especially when you invest cash in putting out costly ads and waste man-hours looking through applications and seeking out the ones that intrigue you the most. Headhunters eliminate most of that investment and are absolutely free for job seekers.

That’s right: the people you hire will likely flock to a headhunter because they won’t charge them a single dime. Instead, you’ll have to pay them a small portion of the new employee’s yearly salary, usually around 10-15%. That investment will be more than worth it when you get the employee you’ve always wanted.

Headhunters Know Secrets

Headhunters are industry insiders that usually have decades of experience digging up information on potential job candidates. They know how to confidentially find employee listings from dozens of corporations, as well as evaluations of their abilities, and other vital information.

Don’t worry: none of the information they find is obtained through illegal means. They just know exactly how to request relevant information that is exact, precise, and which should tell you everything you need to know about a potential candidate.

By now, you should be more than ready to start staffing your business with a professional headhunter. That’s why you should contact us as soon as possible. We’ll help set you up with someone who can find the precise employees you need for your business.