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Cutting-edge Businesses in a Robust Job Market


San Diego is unlike other larger cities in California — Los Angeles, San Francisco — where people are escaping a big city that has high unemployment, bad traffic, and a high cost of living. In fact, people are moving TO the greater San Diego area, even amidst the somewhat higher cost of living.  The amazing climate, robust employment, and the live-work-play environment is where young, hard-working professionals want to be. Many are working remotely and can live and work almost anywhere they want. They are choosing San Diego. ✔️ It checks off all the boxes.  

Boutique Recruiting hiring highly education candidates

San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the nation and the second-largest in California and here’s why San Diego is a great place to live and work:

  • Rated No. 4 among Top Life Science and Biosciences locations (Jones Lang LaSalle 2015)
  • 14 advanced industries produce $42.1 billion and pay $116,600/year on average (Brookings Institution)
  • Rated No. 1 in concentration of military/defense assets in the world (San Diego Military Advisory Council)
  • Rated No. 2 as the Most Inventive City in the World (Forbes 2013)
  • Global connections with direct flights to Tokyo, London and Shanghai (Map attached)
  • No. 1 most-patented Sports and Active lifestyle sector with 1,200-plus companies in the region (San Diego Regional EDC)
  • Home to University of California San Diego (UCSD), ranked  No. 3 public university in the United States, No. 17 in the world (World University Rankings 2016)
  • Ranked No. 1 for lowest average commute times among peer cities (Talent, Where San Diego Stands, 2016)
  • Selected as one — and the only North American — city named among National Geographic’s “World Smart Cities” (2015)
  • Called “Best Place to Launch a Startup” (Forbes 2014)
  • Had record-breaking 2016, attracting 34.9 million visitors who spent an all-time-high $10.4 billion and supported a tourism sector of 183,000 jobs (San Diego Tourism Authority 2016)
  • 80-plus educational and research institutes in the region

Located in the sun-drenched, Southern California metropolitan city of San Diego, Boutique Recruiting is headquartered and centered around job opportunities in cutting-edge businesses in life sciences, genomics, biotechnology, telecommunications, Smart City technology, software, electronics and other major innovative industries. 

Many of these businesses are part of the wildly growing “Blue Economy” where talented and highly educated San Diego job seekers go to find high-tech jobs in a climate that is described as perfect for play and tech. Here, some of the best jobs are never advertised but rather filled through connections and professional recruiters. 

Source: City of San Diego,, KUSA news, MyndManagement