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Why the Best Jobs Are Never Advertised


Jobs that are not advertised make up the hidden job market. Employers may not post vacancies because they want to save on expenses related to advertising and accepting applications. Or, hiring managers might prefer to find candidates internally or through referrals. No matter the reason, gaining access to the hidden job market opens up a wealth of opportunities you otherwise would not have. In fact, some experts believe that at least 50% of all hiring is done within the hidden job market. Although you can access the hidden job market through networking, an even better way is by partnering with a professional recruiter. They have a significantly wider network than you do, offering a vastly wider range of opportunities to enhance your career path.  

Hidden Job Market 

The best staffing agencies have access to the hidden job market. Recruiters build relationships with top companies in their field. They stay current on company and industry news and developments and are aware of trends affecting their clients. Recruiters who gain clients’ trust often are relied on to fill hiring needs. This is especially true for confidential searches, such as a replacement for a current employee. In other cases, the need to fill a role has not been acknowledged, defined, approved, or budgeted, so the position is not yet considered open. Finding candidates through a trusted source, such as a recruiting firm, increases the odds of the new hire blending with company culture and staying long-term.     

Relationships and Insights   

Top staffing agencies build strong relationships with leading companies in their industry. Recruiters work to understand each employer’s needs and pain points, then show how the use of staffing services can make life easier for them. Recruiters show why hiring managers should trust them and how they can add value to the organization. They serve as a resource and knowledge hub by sharing relevant content, information, industry articles, and more to create dialogue. The dialogue provides insight into long-term strategy and upcoming initiatives. When the time comes to carry out the described plans, hiring managers often turn to recruiters to find qualified professionals to fill newly created roles.    

Insider Information   

Leading staffing agencies have insider information about jobs that clients are eager to fill. Because the firm handles the entire hiring process, from advertising and conducting interviews to performing background checks and negotiating job offers for candidates, clients are more likely to use their services than invest the time performing the work themselves. Since the recruiter knows the company, its needs, the job requirements, and what the hiring manager is looking for, the recruiter often is the best source to fill the job opening. They provide vetted candidates to speed up the hiring process and get the role filled in less time than other methods.   

Take advantage of the hidden job market by partnering with a recruiter during your next job search. Odds are you will land a position in less time than if you conducted your search entirely on your own.