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Be Selective, Not Desperate


The success of a company greatly depends on relationships. This is especially true in the staffing industry. We have a significant number of strong relationships with employers in our field. To continually build on our success, we also have a waiting list of clients who want to work with us. This means we have endless opportunities to add additional value for other organizations. Here are a few ways we gain business with top employers rather than working with just anyone.    


We use our network to find clients. Previous client relationships, LinkedIn connections, and members of our personal networks may be able to provide leads to new business. Even a distant connection can guide us in the direction we need to sit down with a decision-maker and potentially add their company to our list of clients. 

Leverage Candidate Relationships 

We build strong relationships with our candidates so we can build strong relationships with current and new clients. When we work with a new candidate, we ask whether they previously worked with a recruiter and have been placed by one at a previous position. Along with setting expectations for how our partnership will help with their job search, it lets us identify companies that work with staffing firms. Knowing which employers are open to working with recruiters provides leads on prospective clients.  

Ask for Referrals 

We reach out to companies we have worked with to request referrals. In addition to hiring managers we did business with, we talk with managers we built a relationship with but were not able to help at the time. They may have been unable to move forward due to timing, approvals, or budgets. Also, we consider points of contact who recently started with a new company but can provide contact information for a decision maker at their current or former organization. Additionally, we send out handwritten thank-you notes to clients with a few business cards to pass on. This makes us stand out in a digital world.  

Research Competitors  

We take an in depth look at our competition to target new clients. We study their websites for testimonials from clients and logos of their partnerships. Even if companies have a relationship with our competition, they probably do not have an exclusive contract in place. The organizations may want to sign other contracts to increase the odds of filling open positions.   

Use Technology  

We invest in top-notch technology to source prospective clients. Using the latest technology lets us create processes, advertise jobs, create a follower base, and reach out to prospects. We also use a growth analytics platform to cultivate a data-driven culture. We use this to gain more visibility into our progress toward getting targets on our waiting list.   

Being selective when deciding which clients to take on results in greater business success. Continuously increasing the number of clients on your waiting list means there always are opportunities to pursue when business allows. We look forward to hearing about your success in achieving this goal.