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There Are 6.5m Open Positions (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States had approximately 6.5 million job openings in August 2020. This means there is at least one that fits your needs and interests. Of course, you don’t want just any role. You need one that fits you well and can serve as a stepping stone for your career. Otherwise, you will end up having to start your search over and invest additional time in the process. Here are some tips to find the right job for you.  

Determine What You Want from a Role 

Think about why you are looking for a position. For instance, you may desire to perform similar work for another employer, return from an employment gap, or change careers. Use job search engines to find roles that match your skills, experience, and interests. When you come across a position that interests you, learn what the work is like and which qualifications are needed.   

Clarify What the Position Must Include 

Figure out which aspects of a job are non-negotiable and which are flexible. For instance, you may be set on the industry or field you work in, the salary you will not go below, or the benefits you will not go without. In contrast, you may be flexible with the job title, certain perks, or company size.  

Experiment with Job Search Terms  

Try various search terms to find the role you want. Begin with broad search terms like “accounting in San Diego, CA.” Next, narrow it down to search terms such as “consulting e-commerce CFO in San Diego, CA.” Continue to filter your search by salary, company, location, posting date, or other criteria to further narrow your search. Then, choose which titles jump out at you and you want to learn more about. Set up a job alert for these roles.     

Research Potential Employers  

Learn all you can about the employers you want to work for. Study each company’s website and social media pages to see what the culture is like. Find online reviews from current and former employees to see what they liked and disliked about working for the organization. Use LinkedIn and other social media to determine whether you have connections who work for the employer. Ask them for insight and information about the company and the position. Also, request that they serve as a referral.   

Apply for Roles 

Customize your cover letter and resume for each position you qualify for. Be sure to use the job posting as a guide to tailor your information to the job requirements. Clarify how your skills, experience, accomplishments make you well suited for the position. Quantify how you added additional value for previous employers and will do the same for the next one. Begin preparing for job interviews.  

Partner with a credible staffing agency that respects the process for candidates who are active in the market. You should be able to decrease the time it takes to land the job you desire with the employer you want.