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Enhancing Top Talent Acquisition with a Staffing Agency


Attracting top talent is a mission for every company looking to increase its return on the investment cost of an employee. Lacking top talent can put a drain on efficiency within an organization and damper innovation efforts. By learning more about building a relationship with a staffing agency, enhancing the acquisition of talent should be achievable.

Recruiters Specialize in Networking and Skill Identification

Most employers may find themselves bogged down with finding qualified candidates for open positions. With a limited budget and staff that often have other responsibilities than recruitment, staffing goals can often seem out of reach.

According to Linkedin, “External recruiters have the luxury and time to build relationships with highly qualified passive candidates. Their goal is to build their network of top talent daily, in anticipation of requisitions they will obtain in the future.

Most staffing and recruiting firms have lucrative internal referral programs, which also helps attract more top talent.

External recruiters who specialize in a niche can function as a trusted advisor due to their knowledge and insight into their area of specialization. Most external recruiters specialize in a limited number of job titles and build pipelines of individuals with hard to find skills, in advance of obtaining requisitions. They develop long-term rapport and trust with their candidates.”

A Try Before You Buy Opportunity

The cost of onboarding a new employee is often substantial. In some instances it’s found that an employee is not successful within the organization for a multitude of reasons. A staffing agency provides the opportunity to assess the viability of success within the workplace for the candidate. If the relationship does not turn out well, the employer can decide to terminate the contract at any time without ramification. There is often a complex legal process associated with terminating an employee on the payroll. The freedom associated with this employment relationship can allow for a drive to perform and deliver results that often isn’t possible with a permanent employee. This relationship also provides the opportunity to develop skills in the candidate, skills which are often highly desirable if the decision is madeto extend a permanent full-time offer.

Reaching Candidates Who Demand Respect

Highly skilled candidates know their worth and want the respect that their technical skills and expertise demand. A lengthy or poorly arranged application process can hinder the acquisition of top talent. In the digital age many potential applicants desire a streamlined process, and many demand that employers contact them with potential job openings. Most staffing agencies have an extensive network with candidates that may directly satisfy skill shortages within your organization. Many recruiters will directly reach out to these candidates to help locate and fill this shortage.

Reducing Staffing Costs and Increase Workflow

Staffing is an expenditure that can be avoided through the utilization of a staffing agency. For corporations with ever shrinking budgets and staff, outsourcing a portion of this staffing task can increase profitability while allowing employees to focus on tasks integral to current and future business within the company. Temporary employees also allow current employees to shift some of their workload, increasing efficiency and creating space for new work to be taken on.

Cost Write Off

A staffing agency allows for the parent organization to write off a number of costs associated with a typical employee. These include benefits such as health insurance and 401K contribution. If there is a budget deficit within the company, bringing on such workers can eliminate the need for layoffs. This enhances the company’s ability to retain top talent. Highly qualified candidates have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to a lack of loyalty. Top talent acquisition relies on providing an image of loyalty and job security.

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