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Outstanding Reasons to Consider Temporary Placements for Your Business


Operating a business is often a balancing act. On the one hand, you have a great product or service to showcase, and at the same time, you have people to deal with on a daily basis. People and products both take a completely different approach. Marketers often tell us what strategies to use to sell our products. We discover through “scientific” means what works. Yet, when it comes to managing people, all of our data flies out the window with the “unpredictability” factor. People are difficult to predict. That’s why even the best-looking prospective employee does not always work out. The employee who seemed to be your best suddenly decides to leave for a new career, and you wonder how you could have missed it coming. However, even in the midst of such unreliable circumstances, you can have a back-up plan. Temporary placements provide a great way to cover your business when in need. Here are 4 great reasons to use temporary placements.

Fill in the work gaps

An employer may want to fill the gap in the workplace for one of these reasons:

Vacation time:

Most employers offer a paid vacation package to their employees as part of an incentive to hire. So, every year as employees plan their vacation time, employers are checking the work schedule for any obvious gaps during busy times. It can be a challenging situation if you have some of your top talent out of the office on vacation and a big project bearing down on you at the same time. This is the perfect time to bring in extra resources to help you meet your goals.

Extended leaves of absence:

There are different reasons an employee may take an extended leave of absence. New mothers often take off several weeks for maternity leave. Other employees may discover unforeseen health issues or other unpredictable problems that demand an extended leave. Whatever the case may be, any time an employee is out for several weeks, you definitely need someone to step in to supply the need. A temporary employee with the right skill set adapts quickly to the role.

Tap experts for short-term solutions

What happens if your company runs into a problem or becomes stagnant? Maybe you’re facing an issue that is unique and you could use an expert to help solve the situation. Hiring someone full-time for an uncommon scenario wouldn’t make sense, but hiring a temporary employee would. Staffing firms who have an extensive database of experienced employees will have just the expert you seek.

Test an employee for permanent placement

Losing an employee is a definite loss for any employer, and replacing the person takes time. Depending on the reason for the loss, employers may be a bit hesitant about jumping right into hiring another person. For example, if the employee left under unpleasant conditions and reflected a poor hiring choice, then the employer may want to take his or her time hiring a replacement. One way to test out an employee is to hire a temporary placement. This allows you to see if the person is a good fit. With a temporary placement, you can discover the person’s work style without making a long-term commitment.

Temporary employees are flexible

Temporary employees are used to going to different companies, interacting with different people, and filling a variety of positions. You could say, they do not get stuck in a rut very easily. Actually, their ability to be flexible may be their best trait. What employer doesn’t want an employee who is flexible?

Running a business doesn’t have to feel like running through hoops or running in circles. Temporary placements help you cover all the bases. At San Diego Pro Staffing, we are equipped to fill all your temporary employee needs. Contact us today for more information!