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Four Reasons to Consider Using Temp Services to Find a Job



Looking for a job can sometimes be a discouraging and difficult process. Maybe you have gotten into the rut of filling out application after application without any interviews. Perhaps you get the interviews, but you always seem to be the company’s second choice for the position. Maybe you are struggling to even find places to apply anymore. While most people are looking for a permanent job, a recent Forbes article talked about why using temp services to get a job is often a good alternative.

It Gets You Back in the Routine

Although it is easy to feel motivated to apply for jobs during the early days of your unemployment, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated if your job search does not pan out the way you originally planned. It becomes easier and easier to justify sitting around in your pajamas most of the day and then spending a few minutes at the end of the day looking online for a job or spending several days filling out just one application. A temporary job gets you in the routine of getting up each morning and going to work. It can help to boost your confidence and help you to be more motivated to put in the time to find a permanent position.

It is a Job Test Drive

Temporary jobs are a great option for people who are not exactly sure what they are looking for in a job. Think of a temp job as a test drive. You have the chance to try out several different jobs that interest you. This will give you more skills to take with you to your next job, and it will allow you to narrow down your job search when you are ready to find a more permanent position. You might be surprised to learn that the job you thought was perfect for you is actually not as enjoyable as you imagined or that a job you did not think you would like is a great fit for you.

You Can Pay the Bills Without the Job Commitment

As bills start to pile-up, people are sometimes tempted to take that less-than-perfect job offer simply to get the bills paid. With a temp job, you can have the money to pay your bills, but if the job is not a perfect fit for you, you can always remind yourself that it is only temporary. At the worst, you can move on to another job in a few weeks or months. At best, the temporary position could lead to a more permanent opportunity, either at the same company or in a similar position at another company.

You Can Network

One of the most important ways to get a job you really enjoy is through networking. While you can connect with others who work in your desired field online, you are not building a true relationship with your LinkedIn contacts or others you connect with through social media. Someone you work with through a temp job can actually talk about your work ethic on a professional level. The person can attest to things such as that you show up on time, that you do things right the first time, and that you are willing to learn the skills necessary to perform the job properly. The person can even state specific examples of when you demonstrated great work ethic.

Temp work allows you to work for a variety of companies, so you can make lots of professional connections, giving you more people who can vouch for your character and skills. This may help you get your ideal job sooner.

If you are looking for work, contact us. Whether you are interested in a temporary position or you are only willing to consider a permanent job, we will help you find a job that is a great fit for you.