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Grow Your Small Finance Company: The Beauty of Using a Boutique Staffing Agency


One of the most difficult obstacles finance company owners and executives face is attracting and retaining qualified employees. The frustrating struggle to find a skilled workforce is a constant inhibitor to growth and success.

Utilizing the services of a boutique staffing agency offers a tremendous benefit for finance companies because they provide an already trained and specialized pool of available employees. Having the ability to efficiently staff your company by simply making a phone call can transform the performance and growth of your business. Here are a few specific areas in which a finance-oriented boutique staffing agency can be especially beneficial to you as an employer.

Specialized in Finance

If your financial services firms specializes in one particular area of finance, a boutique staffing agency will be able to provide qualified individuals who also specialize in your particular area. Your new, temporary employee will be able to be effective to your agency right from the start with little to no training. In fact, many of these potential employees are so versed in their field of expertise, some employers can actually learn many tips-of-the-trade from the employee’s experience.

Personalities that Fit

Finding a candidate with the right personality to fit your company is just as important as their ability to do the day-to-day job. You may find a potential employee you think is a perfect complement to your business, only to discover that they do not fit the same culture and share the same beliefs as your firm. Some of the best and most successful workplaces invest as much time in learning about the personality traits of their potential employees as they do investigating their educational and experience backgrounds. A finance-oriented boutique staffing agency will perform extensive personality assessments so that you, as the employer, will be able to select the best personality to work with your firm.

Flexibility in Hiring

Using a boutique staffing agency provides you with different options to meet your needs when the time comes to hire employees. If you need help on a temporary basis in a specific area, you have the ability to fill those spaces quickly. Whether you need an employee for a short period of time, or if you need a more long-term placement, the agency will be able to provide for your needs with minimal to no interruption to your company.

If you are looking for candidates to fill permanent positions, the boutique staffing agency can arrange for a permanent placement once you find potential employees that you think will fit long-term. It is a great way for companies to gain actual experience working with a candidate before they make a decision to keep them permanently.

Finding the Right Employee is What They Do

The total focus of a finance-oriented boutique staffing agency is finding the right employee for you. If you have experience in hiring new employees, you know how difficult it is to design an interview and screening process that actually results in finding the best employee. In fact, according to an article released by an employee metrics company, the finance industry has one of the four worst retention rates among any other industry.

Fortunately, the staffing company works everyday to perfect the art of pre-screening and interviewing your potential temporary or permanent employees. By the time the employee arrives at your office, the finance boutique staffing agency has already put in the hard work to make sure this employee will be the right one for you.

At Boutique Recruiting, our mission is to provide exceptional employees to help your company perform at its best. Whether you are searching for a temporary employee or a permanent placement, contact us to see how we can help.