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Ready to Step Up Your Job Search? Consider These Five Tips


Let’s face it: job searching is often a grueling process. This is true whether you’re a new college graduate aiming to find your first post-collegiate job or a seasoned professional looking for a change. It’s also true that the job search process isn’t what it used to be even a decade or two ago. Technology has taken over all aspects of our lives, job hunting included. If you’re feeling discouraged about your current job search or if you’re planning ahead for a future search, consider the following tips for stepping up your job hunt game:

Give your resume a makeover.

First thing’s first: yes, you still need a resume. However, your resume of years past likely isn’t going to cut it. These days, resumes need to be concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary information and space fillers. Consider that the average recruiter or hiring manager scans a resume for around 10 seconds. If it’s not succinct and visually appealing, they’re likely to move on. Make sure your resume uses industry lingo and lists accomplishments in quantifiable form. Gone are the days when your resume should include your home address; instead, opt for an email address and your LinkedIn URL.

Use social media to your advantage.

It used to be that social media was just an optional tool that you could use to help aid your job search. Now, it’s a virtual necessity. In fact, some experts say that a solid LinkedIn profile might be more important than your actual resume. That’s because countless recruiters and hiring managers frequent LinkedIn, looking for top-notch candidates to fill vacant positions. Just having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough, however. Profiles that aren’t active are largely overlooked. Thus, make sure to update your profile as often as necessary. Join groups related to your industry and interests. Contribute to discussions in those groups.

Consider your social media image.

Social media can be an excellent networking tool when used appropriately. However, it can also be detrimental to your job search if proper precautions aren’t taken. By now, most people know that posting images of themselves from their college spring break trips isn’t a wise decision. What people less often consider, however, is how certain comments they make regarding their current employers, past employers, or work-related issues can come back to haunt them down the road. Simply put: your personal social media page is not the place to air workplace grievances. In fact, just make sure your private social media profiles are just that: set to private.

Get out of the house.

Yes, a lot can be accomplished from behind a computer screen in the comfort of your own home. However, there’s still no substitute for true, in-person networking. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a social butterfly seven nights a week. It does mean, though, that you should make an effort to develop relationships outside of the virtual world. That can be as simple as contacting an old co-worker for a coffee date. Or, you might attend your next local college alumni meeting. The more you get out, the more people you meet. When you’re in the job market, establishing professional connections in real life is essential.

Keep it positive.

It’s no secret that the job search process can sometimes be frustrating at best and downright depressing at its worst. However, it’s important to maintain a positive outlook and refrain from taking rejections personally. Additionally, the average interview process now takes over 20 days. So, keep in mind that just because you haven’t heard back yet doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually be offered the position.

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