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Five Signs That You’re Ready for a Career Change



Because people spend such a large amount of their daily lives at work, job dissatisfaction can lead to feelings of being unfulfilled or, in extreme cases, even depression. But how do you know the difference between being stuck in a rut that you’ll eventually emerge from and true, long-term job dissatisfaction? When is it time to throw in the towel and make a change? Consider the following signs that you’re ready for a career change:

You’re bored every day.

Let’s face it: regardless of position or industry, everyone is going to have some days at the office when they are bored to tears. For most people, this is a fleeting feeling that passes when they’re presented with their next challenge to tackle. However, for some, the boredom persists day after day. That’s often because they’ve been in a position for so long that they can perform their responsibilities without a second thought. While there might be some comfort in being effortlessly good at your job, never being challenged at work is a surefire way to wind up bored and dissatisfied.

Your skills aren’t being utilized.

Maybe you’re a whiz with numbers and your current position focuses solely on marketing. While you might be good at your job, if you feel like your most valuable skills aren’t being fully utilized, it might be time for a career change. That’s because being good at a job and being passionate about your work aren’t necessarily synonymous. Chances are, if you aren’t presented with opportunities to showcase your skills in the office, you’re probably in the wrong field.

There’s no room for advancement.

Sometimes, regardless of how much we might like our jobs, there’s simply no room for growth. Growth doesn’t always have to mean steady movement up the corporate ladder coupled with large pay raises, but it does need to include room for change. This change might present itself in the form of new job responsibilities or opportunities for training and continuing education. Regardless of what exactly the advancement entails, there needs to be some type of growth for most people to feel fulfilled at work. Thus, if you feel stagnant in your career, it might be time to look elsewhere.

You don’t feel passionate about what you do.

Few people are going to bound excitedly out the door on their way to the office every day. However, if you often feel a sense of dread about going to work, that’s a serious red flag that something’s not quite right. This is particularly true if you formerly enjoyed going to work and now it’s difficult to even make yourself get out of bed in the mornings. A likely culprit behind these feelings is a lack of passion or purpose in your career. If you don’t feel like what you do at work matters, you’re likely not on the right career path.

You don’t feel valued or appreciated.

Everyone wants to feel like they’re a valued part of a team. When you show up to work every day and give your all but feel that your efforts go unnoticed, it can be very demotivating. Of course, expecting constant praise and rewards from management is probably not realistic, but you should go home every day feeling appreciated. Maybe some days that feeling is achieved through a simple acknowledgment of a job well done from your supervisor. Other days, a co-worker’s gratitude for your support with a project lets you know how appreciated you are. If you’re in a position where you’re always questioning whether or not your contributions are valued, it’s probably time to make a change.

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