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Why It’s a Tremendous Gain to Hire a San Diego Headhunter


Operating a business or heading up the HR department is fraught with busyness. Between the responsibilities of business strategizing, financial decision-making, legal paperwork requirements, customer relations, advertising, and human resources, there is likely not many spare moments. Chances are you do not want to spend extra time on tasks only to realize that task needs a do-over. Hiring employees is one of those duties that, if not done right the first time, can be more than inconvenient. Not only do you have time into the hiring process, but money as well, not to mention the sensitive nature of removing the hired individual. That’s why hiring a san diego headhunter is a win for business owners and Human Resource managers. Let’s look at the 4 benefits of securing a headhunter, or professional recruiter, for your business:

Headhunters Have Connections

Headhunters have a large and evergrowing database of connections. The term “super connectorwas coined to refer to those individuals in the professional world “who maintain contact with thousands of people in many different worlds and know them well enough to give them a call.” Headhunters are among those that fit into this category of individuals. However, a headhunter who excels in the profession does not just have connections, they have relationships. This is a key factor in securing a perfect fit for the company. Without this relationship, headhunters do not truly “connect” with the prospective candidate or the employer. Developing and maintaining relationships on both ends delivers positive results.

Headhunters Complete a Thorough Discovery Process

One aspect of hiring someone that is important is truly knowing who you are hiring. It may sound simplistic, but you want to ensure you have a legitimate candidate. That means the person has the experience reported on the resume, the references are legitimate, and the person passes a background check. The fact of the matter is many companies do not take the time to even call references. In a New York Times article, an employer of hundreds of employees wrote an article; in it, he stated only a very few people in his 30 years of experience called to check for references. Another interesting note, out of those who did call, many had their minds already made up and were making the call out of mere formality.

So, just how does a headhunter aid in getting a clear picture of the people who may be great for the job? Here are a few of the duties they perform that, in the end, provides a thorough view of the candidate:

  • Review the candidate’s resume to ensure the skills match the job position.
  • Verify the references and discuss the qualities of the candidate with the references.
  • Provide a background criminal check.
  • Provide drug screening, if needed.
  • Pull a credit check, if required.
  • Skills testing to ensure a fit and/or narrow down the search.
  • Discover if the candidate will assimilate with the employer’s workplace culture.

Headhunters Save You Money

When you think about all the effort and time that goes into the hiring process, you may immediately see how hiring a headhunter saves you money. However, let’s go over the details to be sure. Your time is a resource, which has a value. When you can save time, then you do save money. Of course, you must weigh the cost of a headhunter with the amount saved. A professional headhunter agency makes it worthwhile by providing guarantees. Boutique Recruiting offers a 90-day replacement guarantee if for any reason the candidate should not meet the desired expectations. There is no way to lose with that type of agreement. Finally, the main savings occurs when you hire the right person.

To find out more information about how Boutique Recruiting can fulfill your San Diego headhunting needs, please contact us today!