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How to Find the Right Type of Recruitment Agency


A growing thriving business is the entrepreneur’s dream. But, you can’t do it on your own. You will need to hire help. This can feel like a daunting task. You must place the advertisement, interview people, and do background checks. Adding this extra project to your plate can feel overwhelming. That’s where staffing firms come in. They take that work off your hands and offer expert assistance. There are different types of recruitment firms. Which one is right for you?

Types of recruitment firms:

Not every company needs the same brand of talent scouting. There are different types of recruiters‘ available to fit your business needs.

  • Contingency: These are traditional recruitment agencies. Recruiters don’t get paid unless they fill the position. The internal HR department, direct applicants, and advertisements are a contingency recruiters’ competition. Contingency recruiters must be fast to reach their goals. To do this, they will have a list of qualified candidates already in their database. Then they don’t have to start from scratch with their search.
  • Retained: This type of recruiter is also referred to as an executive recruiter. A retained recruiter has exclusive rights to fill the vacant position. This allows the agency to work closely with the client. They understand what the ideal employee looks like. It’s a rigorous and time-consuming project. Retained recruitment is expensive. Sometimes, it is the last resort when business owners are unable to find talent with their resources.
  • Industry-specific recruiters: These recruiters are also called niche recruiters. These talent scouts have industry-specific They understand exactly what type of candidate would be successful. Depending on your industry, these recruiters may be more difficult to find.
  • Staffing agencies: These agencies provide you with temporary employees. They work seasonally, while a permanent employee is on maternity leave, or to finish a specific project. They can also be temp to perm employees too.

Which is the best choice?

It depends on the position you are filling. Contingency firms are great for filling non-managerial hourly positions. Positions which do not require an extensive amount of qualifications and skills. You want to use a retained recruiter when you need to fill a senior staff position. These positions require a specific sometimes niche set of technical and soft skills. These positions also have more responsibility. You want to take your time when you are filling these positions.

Contingency agency rebate offers:

Sometimes, a new hire is not the right fit. If this happens they either quit or are terminated soon after they start. If the turnover occurs within the first three months most agencies offer a rebate. They must find a replacement sans commission. It pays for them to put the right person in the right job. For this reason, contingency agencies are beneficial to job seekers too. They will offer them resources, help them with their application or resume, and interview them before contacting the company.

What job seekers should consider working with contingency agencies:

  • If you are unemployed, consider seeking out a contingency firm. They have connections with many industries and companies. They get paid if you get hired, you both benefit. To do their job well they have to be great salespeople. This helps you land the job that’s right for you.
  • Contingency agencies also have access to a hidden job market. The job openings that are not posted online. They get paid to seek out open opportunities. This takes a load off your plate so you can focus on other things.
  • As a job seeker, you should not pay for the agency’s services. This is a red flag for a job seeker. This fee is always charged to the company hiring you on.
  • Like job seekers, companies work with many recruiters too. If you are working with more than one agency be sure to let them know. This way two recruiters aren’t sending your resume to the same company.

Filling your open positions is a time-consuming process. As a business owner, probably time you don’t have. That’s where recruitment agencies come in. Filling your openings with qualified candidates are their field of expertise. Looking to hire top talent? Let the experts at Boutique Recruiting help. Our specialist helps you find the most qualified candidates for your company. Contact us today.