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When is Temporary Placement the Right Career Choice for You?


Not every employment opportunity is meant to last forever. Some are project-based, some are seasonal, and some are on an as-needed basis. When business picks up seasonally or a massive amount of paperwork needs to be processed before a deadline, businesses hire valuable temporary employees who are vital to ensuring everything works out for the entire rest of the year.

Temporary positions are an important part of the annual work cycle for many industries. While most people view ‘temping’ as a lesser career choice, in reality, it can be an ideal solution for both employers and professionals who need a less-than-permanent arrangement. Are you in a position in life that makes you a perfect match for a temporary position?

Let’s take a look at a few points in your life when a temporary position would actually be better than a full-time commitment.

Between Semesters of College

College students are among the most seasonal workforce in any industry. In college, you are gaining valuable professional skills and experience that many employers would be happy to get early access to. Of course, work is also a tricky subject for students. You can either take a part-time position that works your shifts around class time or you can dedicate more of your day to a temporary position during the summer when you’re away from classes.

By far your best option for summer work is a temporary placement that provides valuable experience for your future career. A boutique staffing agency can help you make these connections without worrying about who you know and can network with. Not to mention the potential for paying work rather than unpaid internships.

While Lining Up a Bigger Job

Of course, sometimes an odd working season happens even after you’re out of school. There are a few select professions where it takes a great deal of time to line up a new job. If your field is simultaneously advanced and selective, it may be normal to experience months of ‘unemployment’ during an extensive job search and interview process to line up a really good next job.

But there’s no need to be unemployed during this time. Take your secondary skills and consider filling in a temporary position during your search. As long as you have the freedom to schedule interviews, this can be the perfect way to supplement your income between jobs and buy yourself time to be relaxed and friendly during the long interview process.

When Your Kids are In School

Many talented professionals leave the field in order to raise their young children, knowing how important those first few years of development are. If you have been dedicating all your time to your children, it can be difficult to send them off to school and find yourself with all morning and early afternoon on your hands.

For stay-at-home professionals, a temporary part-time position can be the perfect way to spend those hours between when your child goes to school and when they return. On the right temporary placement schedule, you can wrap up your school-year work before summer break to become a loving full-time caretaker just in time for your little ones to be home all day again.

Returning to the Workforce

Finally, there are a number of reasons why professionals take time away from the workforce. Taking care of children, tending a sick relative, or even taking a long vacation on hard-earned savings can pull you away from work for months or even years at a time.

For your first full-time job back in the workforce, you want to have already brushed back up on your professional skills A temporary placement in your field is a great way to reintroduce yourself to the workforce without the usual pressure of a dedicated full-time job. You can strut your stuff and get your feet back under you, then by the end of the temporary placement, you will be in top form for your next full-time job search.

Taking a temporary position can be the ideal solution for many professionals in unique life situations. Whether you are trying to fit your work between school, parenting, or larger stages of your greater career, a temporary position can allow you to develop your skills and pull in a paycheck without worrying about the kind of long-term commitment traditional positions will expect. For more information about how to find the perfect temporary placement for you, contact us today!