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How to Find Your First Finance Job


For those hoping to understand how to find your first finance job, there is a pretty time-honored rubric in place. If you are new to the arena or you haven’t heard how to get there, here’s a tertiary guide for those looking for a job in finance.

How to Find Your First Finance Job
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School: You have got to attend a school of higher education, generally. There are some exceptions but even the most entry level finance jobs now require at least a bachelors degree. The higher the education you have the better the job will be that you get coming in.

Connections: Another component for how to find your first finance job is you need to do is make connections. You can’t be a wallflower and expect to excel at anything like finance. It’s all about interpersonal skills you will bring to your job which are what will make you marketable and what will get you paid!

Intern: Finally you are going to need to do some free work. Interning is often the best way to show prospective employers that you are ready and capable of doing the job! You can often get your best internships while you are a student at college, which is great, but there should be some caution. You don’t want to let a promising internship opportunity to start working too soon stop you from completing your higher education. If you have goals of being a CEO then an entry level post after finishing your bachelors degree might be good. It also might stop you from reaching your ultimate working potential. If you have aspirations don’t let the allure of easy money cloud your judgement.  Not letting short term gains cloud judgment is rule #1 for how to find your first job in finance.

If you have done all of these things and you still can’t land that perfect job, you may need another avenue. San Diego Pro Staffing are all about helping people figure how to find your first finance job or in any other professional industry.  Contact San Diego Pro Staffing to see just how they can help you succeed!