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3 Hiring Trends in the Finance and Accounting Industry to Keep an Eye On


Every year there are challenges in the finance and accounting industries which challenge all of our presumed expectations. Here are three of the biggest interesting trends this year in finance and accounting which job seekers will have to look forward to when they interview.

How to get along with new co workers
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Temporary: Maybe the most surprising of the trends in the finance and accounting industries is that many firms are opting for temporary hires to start. Many of the firms this year are having a lot harder time committing to their new hires. By going for the temporary worker route firms can get a much better feel for how some people will work in their office and who doesn’t really have a leg to stand on.

Retention: Another one of the hiring trends in the finance and accounting industry, paradoxically is that many firms are fearing about retaining the best employees. So many other firms are out there gobbling up the very best staff and it’s tough to keep on people who are the very best. So while so many firms are having commitment issue with new hires, they are just as worried that their best talent are going to walk.

Special Skills: A third of this hiring trends in finance and accounting is that many companies are hiring for those with special skills. You will be paid much more handsomely if you have got special skills, expertise, or certification in one area or another. It may be something totally far flung that you did in a weekend and forgot about years ago but having some manner of certification can actually help you immensely in the bargaining room.

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