When is the Best Time to Find a New Job?

Job Application Tips
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Many departments receive their annual budgets in January and begin the process of hiring and training new employees to fill positions left vacant from the previous year. They also start interviewing new hires to replace those ex-employees who left after receiving their annual yearly bonus. This systematic hiring process generally lasts through the month of March.

Job Application Tips
Source: Free Digital Photos

From April through June most employers are busy training all their new hires as well as becoming preoccupied with personal matters such as end of the year school activities, graduations and depending of their child care needs, lining up summer day care programs. Then July and August are devoted to vacations and ensuring all office duties are covered while employees are away on their two week sabbatical.

So when is the best time to find a new job? Research has determined from mid-August until around Thanksgiving is when companies do the majority of their hiring. Beginning in September, manufacturing and white collar businesses have complied the first half of the year financial reports and are able to determine is additional staff is warranted.

During this same time period, retail businesses begin to ramp up for the holiday season. While the majority of these employees will initially be hired as temporary workers, many of them will have the option of becoming permanent at the end of the year. After those first two quarter financial statements have been analyzed, firms will then begin to set objectives for the remainder of the year and frequently this translates into new hires.

Obviously, if you’re unemployed, you don’t want and probably can’t afford to wait until the optimal time of the year to begin your job search. But if you are underemployed or just feel the time is right for a change, spend the beginning of the year polishing up your resume and then get ready to begin the job search in earnest after you return from summer vacation.

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