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How to Make a Temporary Placement Work for You


Are you a new graduate? Or a seasoned professional who got laid off? It doesn’t matter where you are in your career. A great temporary placement position can benefit anyone. But, you need to know how the process works before you meet with the recruiter. It benefits both you and the agent. The end goal for both of you is you get you in a job.

How the temporary placement works:

Businesses pay the temp agency to fill vacant positions. The job seeker is not charged for this service. If an agency charges you for this service that is a red flag. When hired the agency takes a cut. This does not cut into your contracted pay.  Don’t go into the agency without knowing what you want. Both of you share the same goal. They need to fill a role and you need a job. Before you meet, have an idea of what you are looking for. Things like type of position, pay, benefits, and your willingness to take long-term employment are important information.

Prepare a few things for your first meeting.

  • Treat the meeting like an interview. Though it is not an actual job interview arrive on-time and dress for success.
  • If you have a resume bring it. If not, the placement agency will help you craft one. If you have not job hunted for a while they can help you update your current resume.
  • Prepare to be at the agency for a few hours. You will take skills tests, fill out paperwork, and speak with the agent in depth.

Temporary agencies benefit college graduates:

Getting your foot in the door for your first full-time job can be tough. Several companies require a degree and the market is saturated with degree holders. Though you have a specific requirement for the job it doesn’t set you apart. You are also competing with Human Resources software. It filters out resumes based on keywords. Your resume may never get in front of a decision maker if it doesn’t have the keywords they seek. Lastly, many employers want experience. Even several entry-level jobs require real-world experience. A recruiter can help you secure a position that will get you the experience you need to move up the career ladder. They can also help you develop short and long-term goals to point your career in the right direction.

Trial and error:

Not every position will be a good fit. You also may not know exactly what works well for you either. If a job doesn’t work out agencies have much more available. It is also a valuable learning experience. Did you fit into the culture? If not what kind of culture would be better? Was the position to slow or fast-paced? What kind of pace do you like? If you like fast-paced environments a relaxed one may bore you. If you need a more relaxed environment, fast-paced jobs will only stress you out. You may also miss important deadlines which could lead to your termination. Agencies are a good place to learn this.

The opportunities of working with a temporary agency:

Working with placement agencies offer more than just a paycheck at the end of the day.

  • Networking opportunities: Taking on temporary jobs help you network in a new company and industry. Going through the temporary agency gets you in the door with the company. You may not have been able to do this on your own. You can start adding co-workers and supervisors to your LinkedIn profile. These are valuable long-term connections.
  • These jobs can turn into full-time employment: If you excel at the job and fit into the culture, the employer may offer you a full-time role. Throw away the mindset that you are just a temp there. If you stand out full-time opportunities are possible. Many employers hire for temp-to-perm positions. Being a temp is not a stigma.
  • Learn new skills: Trying out many different jobs allows you to learn new skills. These skills could help you land your dream job.

A temporary position can open the open the door to many new opportunities. Are you looking for your next dream job? Looking to fill a position with a superstar employee? Let the experts at Boutique Recruiting help. We work hard to match employers with excellent job-seekers. Contact us today.