You are facing a serious challenge when you are looking for professionals to fill your financial department. People with the requisite skills and certifications are thin on the ground and all companies need someone to do the basic financial work such as running payroll. You can find yourself competing in a tight market. Of course, that tight market can also lead to people who are not really right for your company interviewing for the position, which is a headache if you don’t weed them out before the interviewing process is over. Fortunately, San Diego Pro Staffing has a few tips for making your open positions attractive to accountants who will truly shine.

Promise Serious Perks

These are accountants. They are in demand and full of arcane financial information. It will take more than bean bag chairs in the cafeteria to attract them. Even if you are looking for a contract employee, it can be worth it to offer discounts on your products, childcare arrangements or 401K matching. This can make a contract-to-permanent hire consider staying with you for the long haul and give your company an advantage over other offers for permanent or contract hires.

Offer To  Work With Their Schedule

So long as payroll goes out on time or the project deadlines are met, it isn’t strictly necessary for financial specialists to work a traditional 9-to-5, Monday through Friday schedule. Your potential hire may want that schedule. On the other hand, they might feel more comfortable taking off Fridays and working 6 am to 6 pm. If you make clear that you are willing to be flexible, you will make it easier for your future employee to stay with you for a long time. This also makes your job opening attractive to people who could do a stellar job, but can’t work the traditional schedule. An interviewee might have other previous commitments, and knowing that working with you will let them meet them will procure instant loyalty.

Mention The Available Software

Software can be the difference between a smooth payroll experience and a difficult one. So tell your future accountants what sort of software you use. Is it good ol’ Quicken or is it a customized program made specifically for your industry? Accountants will appreciate knowing ahead of time what they will be working with. It is also reassuring to them to know if they are already familiar with the tools you are going to give them. Someone who is wrong for your finance department will be daunted by the mention of your software suite and head to another company, whereas the best fit will, at the least, look up the tools you use.

Make Advancement Opportunities Clear

The chance for advancement, even if it is just getting a chance to apply for a permanent position from their contract position, is a siren call to serious accounting professionals.  Good financial specialists want to know that they aren’t permanently stuck in their current job and that there is a chance to challenge themselves. If you mention that there are chances for advancement and exciting work in your job description and then tell interviewees about your in-house promotion policy, the candidates will be interested not only in being immediately hired but in their prospects in your company. This gets a permanent hire or a contract-to-permanent candidate thinking about their future and how your company fits into their future.

The final tip for recruiting finance and accounting specialists is to find a staffing company that specializes in placing them. For instance, we at San Diego Pro Staffing know what companies need as it pertains specifically to their finance department. We have a stable of experts that we know have the necessary skills. We are anxious to help your company find the right employees for you. If you are in the market for finance and accounting personnel, give us a ring.