When it comes to getting hired for your dream accounting job, it can be an uphill slog. This is why checking out the temporary jobs market is attractive: it lets you sample all the positions available and a wide variety of businesses while you advance your career. It allows you to develop a range of marketable skills that good companies will appreciate, and, of course, it gives you experience when you are just starting out or are between jobs. This is why there are temp agencies that specialize in accounting and financial positions. This is also why you will want to make yourself a hot commodity in the temp accounting job market. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do that will give you an edge in your job search.

Keep Your Options Open

When you start your quest, you will have to narrow your search some. There are going to be some positions that you aren’t qualified for or are not going to fit your current needs. However, there is a danger in narrowing your search down too much. You might have your heart set on being in accounts payable, but you may also learn a lot and have more chances if you look into being a billing specialist or administrative assistant as well. You might have fun in these new opportunities, and you might even decide that the new position is the best fit for you.

Use Your Temp Agency Wisely

Every placement agency has its own quirks and programs. Be sure to familiarize yourself with its job board and website. You will want to troll that job board at least once a day, and it is best if you apply for one of the offerings when you do. When you see a job offer that you are interested in, do a quick internet search on the company. Take notes on what they want and do. Getting a temporary position is similar to getting a permanent position in that you will make yourself stand out best by tailoring your CV and interview questions to the particular position and company that you are going for. It will also help you weed out companies that you definitely don’t want to work for before going through with the interview.

Definitely give your best and most thorough CV to the placement agency. They want to develop a pool of people that they can call on, and by giving them a lot of information up front, you will help them place you successfully from that pool.

Continue Your Education

The world of accounting is a busy and ever-expanding place. Be sure to keep your skills fresh by taking courses in your areas of interest. Brush up on areas where you may be rusty and work on learning something new. You never know when a new skill may be the deciding factor in a company hiring you.

This also shows that you are excited about this industry and willing to stretch yourself. There are many candidates out there that are just coasting on their experience in the last place. You will stand out as a go-getter who is serious about his or her career with recent classes under your belt.


It never hurts to ask people about their work. You might hear about new positions just as they open and you might get on friendly terms with the people who will consider hiring you. It also keeps you informed about your industry, too, which will help you tailor your CV and interviewing to the current needs of a company.

If you are interested in trying out temporary accounting positions or just want an edge in your job hunt, contact us. San Diego Pro Staffing, Inc will be glad to help you succeed.