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If you hire a staffing firm that discounts their search fee:


If you hire a staffing firm that discounts their search fee:

❶ You put your company at risk.

In a tight labor market, you will need to engage a staffing resource that has proven itself in the industry and performs for your company. Securing high-quality talent is critical to your company’s goals, objectives, growth, and stability.

❷ While you feel like you’re getting a great deal, the cost is high if you are not able to fill the open position quickly or with the right candidate.

You don’t want to make the mistake of hiring a staffing firm that cannot deliver or one that does not have access to a large pool of top-notch talent. Positions that stay vacant for long periods of time can cost your company 5 to 15 times the annual salary of the empty seat.

❸ There will be a higher likelihood that you will see low-quality candidates.

Staffing firms are going to present their best candidates to clients who are paying market rates. It’s that simple and true throughout all industries. Think about your own business. If you provide exceptional service or product, there is a consequence to providing a steep discount.

Qualify staffing firms by asking these critical questions:


What resources do you invest in?

A discounted recruiter may not have the financial resources to invest in effective and efficient headhunting software … and maybe they use craigslist or for $25 or only post on the lesser job boards. Find out what lengths they go to. Have they put in place state-of-the-art technology together with traditional methods to attract the best talent?


How many recruiters do they have on staff with less than a year of experience?

Recently, Linkedin announced that the staffing industry is one of the top employers of entry-level employees. In this tight labor market, you’ll want experts working on your behalf, not amateurs.


What does your internal turnover look like?

You’ll want recruiters who have longevity and who establish relationships with their candidates and follow them throughout their careers. Your recruiter should also have a strong understanding of the market conditions and demands.



Why do they offer a discounted fee?

Most likely, their sphere of fluence is small, they are new to the staffing industry without capacity, or have kinks and flaws in their process; a discounted fee may be the answer to building their business.

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