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Questions for Assessing Job Satisfaction


Despite the inherent challenge in measuring such a nebulous concept, ensuring job satisfaction is one of the most useful measures for encouraging all personnel to perform to the best of their capabilities. As a result, it is important to have methods that can be used to gauge the level of job satisfaction, so that corrective measures should said metric fall too low. One simple but nonetheless useful method is the time-tested questionnaire, which produces little information that can be measured using numbers but is nonetheless of the highest importance.

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Here are some examples of questions for assessing job satisfaction that see common use because of their proven value to both businesses and their personnel:

  • Does the employee understand what is expected of him or her at work? This is important because satisfied personnel should be motivated enough to improve on their own, which should include learning about their roles in the business.
  • Does the employee feel that he or she has the tools, supplies, and other forms of support needed to perform to the best of his or her capabilities? Negative responses mean that personnel feel that businesses are either failing them or stifling them in some manner.
  • Is the business willing to listen to the employee’s opinions? All people like to feel that others value them. As a result, a business that refuses to listen to its personnel is telling them that their opinions are unimportant. Something that is bound to result in unhappiness.
  • Are the employee’s co-workers working well? Like a chain, a team is as strong as its weakest member. Lack of motivation is contagious.
  • Is the employee’s capabilities growing? For most people, personal growth is an important part of the benefit from their jobs. The lack of opportunities for growth can make them feel stuck.

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