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3 Tips for Incorporating Temporary Employees Into Your Company


Things are rapidly changing at your business and the need for temporary employees has become evident. But you’re concerned on how to transition these workers into your existing employee culture. Keep these tips for incorporating temporary employees into your company in mind for a successful integration.

Why your Company should use a Staffing Agency
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  • Begin with a short orientation on how things work around the company. Go over all the information that long term employees just take for granted. For example, let the temporary employees know about things like breaks, lunch options and communication preferences with other employees.
  • Give each temporary worker a copy of the employee handbook even if they are only going to be there for a few days. You never know what questions may arise that can be quickly answered by paging through the manual. Have all the tools they will need set up and ready to go. This obviously leads to more productivity plus avoids the awkwardness of them sitting there idle while everyone else is focused on their duties.
  • Don’t treat the temporary employee any differently than your permanent workers. In today’s economy many workers are taking on temporary assignments to hone their past skills, trying on “new hats” as far as career options go or are just interested in the versatility being a temporary employee provides. Plus depending on your companies’ circumstances, often these same temporary employees may exhibit the traits and experience that could one day allow them to become an internal hire.

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