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Seven Traits Effective Managers Have in Common


Behind every successful company is a great management team that knows how to recruit, motivate, and retain its employees. While managers come from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse set of credentials, the best managers all have a few qualities in common. So, what makes a good manager? Consider the following traits:

Ability to delegate

If you’ve ever worked under a micromanager, you know what effective management does not look like. The best managers know how to delegate– and then step back and trust their employees to get the job done right. Delegation, however, should never make employees feel like they’re being assigned grunt work. Instead, the best managers make their employees feel empowered by the assignments delegated to them.

Willingness to move out of their comfort zone

Countless managers are guilty of staying firmly planted in their comfort zones. After all, if they’ve found a way to do something that works, it’s best to stick to what’s familiar. Or is it? The best managers are always open to new ideas and processes. They are willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, and stay abreast of the latest innovations and changes in the industry.

An understanding of personal motivation

Ineffective managers think that all of their employees are motivated by the same triggers. In many cases, that trigger is financial gain. While many people are, in fact, motivated by money, that’s not the case with all employees. The best managers know that everyone has their own personal motivations and does his best to learn what drives each of his employees. While one employee might be motivated by bonuses, another employee might find frequent praise and positive feedback motivating.

Knowing that efficient and effective aren’t always synonymous

Too many managers confuse efficiency with effectiveness. While ideally the two would go hand-in-hand, there are many times when an efficient way to accomplish a task isn’t the most effective way to get it done. Outstanding managers recognize the difference and motivate their employees to focus on effectiveness first.

A good understanding of technology

Excellent managers don’t have to be IT professionals, but they do have to have a solid understanding of technology and how it impacts the business world today. Technology is here to stay, so it’s essential for managers to keep themselves updated on the latest trends in technology in the workplace. This includes an understanding of how social media influences businesses. Simply put: competitive businesses are technologically advanced, so outstanding managers must be technologically aware.


Effective managers are consistent from day to day. They don’t have an open door policy one day and shut themselves in their office the next day. They don’t delegate and step back one week and spend the next couple of weeks hovering over their employees while micromanaging. An effective manager is what he consistently does, not just what he says or what he does sometimes.

Open communication

In years past, managers were viewed as authoritative figures that barked out orders and remained aloof. Those days are gone. Today’s best managers communicate openly with their staff. They listen to their ideas, they involve them in decision-making, and they get to know their employees as people. They also lead by example; they don’t ask anything of their employees that they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves.

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