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Six Ways Job Candidates Benefit From Headhunting


Headhunting is an efficient way to land a job, especially if you have vast experience in a certain industry. Headhunters are highly skilled at placing qualified candidates with jobs that match their qualifications. The right headhunter can alleviate stress and offer many other professional advantages. Below are six ways you can benefit from using a headhunter in your job search:

1. Companies Only Pay Headhunters For Results

Since headhunters only get paid later on when a company hires someone, they have a strong financial incentive to find the best candidate for each position. Their primary goal is to find a qualified person and prepare as best they can for an interview. Ultimately, headhunters offer you free help and support during your job search when you decide to work with them. After you impress the hiring manager and the company hires you for the position, the headhunter will receive a fee or commission.

2. Headhunters Typically Specialize In A Certain Industry

Another advantage of using a headhunter is they usually specialize in a certain industry. This is ideal for job candidates with extensive work experience since they can give you great career advice. Headhunters understand industry trends and can easily review your résumé and look for certain jobs that highlight your specific strengths and skills. Their in-depth industry knowledge will also allow them to communicate how your past work experience ties into the hiring manager’s current job opening.

3. Headhunters Can Polish Your Interviewing Skills

Are you nervous because you haven’t gone on an interview in months or years? Headhunters want you to succeed, so they will be happy to help you improve your interview skills and coach you through different parts of the hiring process. They may also analyze your résumé and make suggestions that will improve your chances. The additional help means you will be better prepared for upcoming job interviews. The more your headhunter has worked with the hiring manager on previous assignments, the more likely they will be able to give you insight into what they are looking for. Headhunters can also give you more history about the company and provide any other tips that will increase your chances of success.

4. Headhunters Only Work With The Top Selection Of Qualified Job Applicants

Another benefit of working one-on-one with a headhunter is that you will receive more personal attention. Headhunters may work with only a small selection of qualified job applicants. A smaller pool of candidates means that you will have a better chance at getting your dream job.

5. Headhunters Can Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Once you choose to work with a headhunter, you can let them do some of the heavy lifting and promote you to different companies. Headhunters are your biggest cheerleader and push your résumé to the front of the pack. Your application is more likely to stick out to the hiring manager, especially if the headhunter includes their own endorsement.

6. Headhunters Can Give You Access To Jobs You Normally Wouldn’t Have Access To

One last benefit of using a headhunter is that they may have access to job positions that are not advertised yet. Several companies decide to use headhunters for discretion. They are especially more cautious when they want to fill more high-profile or senior-level jobs. The more you have access to jobs that aren’t normally posted online or made available to other people, the better your chances are for getting hired. At Boutique Recruiting, we understand how to place qualified finance, accounting and administrative professionals in challenging, yet rewarding jobs in Southern California. Please contact us to learn more about how our staffing service can help improve your career. We would love to talk with you about your professional goals and find the right workplace for your skills.