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Staffing Agency: Add A Great Candidate To Your Team


Many companies that are looking to add people to their staff will have some misconceptions about using a recruiting or staffing agency. Some of those misconceptions are listed below:

  • They do not need to use a staffing agency because it is not difficult to find talent
  • A staffing agency does not know what type of talent you need for your industry
  • No one outside of your company, especially a staffing agency, knows about the job you are hiring for

Basically, many companies believe that a staffing agency will only be the person in the middle. It is understandable that many companies are skeptical of staffing agencies. There are many people who do not fully understand what a staffing agency does. Staffing agencies do not just find people and place them in a temporary position for a few weeks or a few months.

It is not easy to find really great talent, regardless of how many people think it is. A recruiter has the ability to find talent and help those candidates create great relationships with the company. You will find that many recruiters work extremely hard to stay up-to-date on companies, markets, industries, and new skills so they can find the best fit for a company in any industry.

You are probably still saying, “I do not need to use a staffing agency”. A staffing agency may seem like something you would never use, but there are so many benefits not just for job seekers but for the companies as well.

Teaming Up With A Staffing Agency: How Can It Help?

The Relationship

The relationship you have with a staffing agency will be different from the relationship you will have if you work with a company that just wants to fill your open position as soon as possible. If a staffing agency recommends a candidate for a position at your company or any other company and that candidate does not get the job, that candidate will still have other opportunities to get another position. That person will still have a relationship with the staffing agency and will not get lost in the shuffle.

Job Openings

When there are job openings, a person who uses a staffing agency will get information about the job before other people. A staffing agency will typically get the chance to share information about open jobs before job boards.

The Opportunity

A staffing agency has all the intentions of getting a great talent through the door. The staffing agency will work extremely hard to find the best candidate for the job so that person can get an interview. A staffing agency will help you find your dream candidate.

Why Should You Work With A Staffing Agency?

  • You will not have to advertise your open positions
  • You will not have to pay any overhead costs until the staffing agency has helped you hire someone for the open position
  • You will find that staffing agencies will provide benefits to employees that receive W2s
  • You will not have to worry about an unqualified person walking through your door because the staffing agency will screen all candidates before sending them your way
  • You will not have to hire someone full-time right away because you have the opportunity to give the candidate a test run

We know that at various times of the year many companies look to hire candidates to help fulfill the demands of the company. As mentioned earlier, it may seem like an easy task to find the perfect candidate for a job opening, but this can be very difficult.

If you need to add one person or multiple people to your team, contact us today.