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Five Surprisingly Exciting Accounting Jobs for Graduates

  When you told your friends and family, “I think I want to be an accountant,” some of them likely shot you a now-familiar blank stare, eyes glazed over at the thought of spending the next few minutes discussing your particularly mundane prospective career. It turns out, they’re entirely wrong to assume what it is you’re qualified to do. […]

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Why You Should Consider an Accounting Placement Position

Companies are constantly looking for accounting employees. However, many companies are now turning to accounting placement companies to fill these positions. In many instances, this could actually be a benefit to an accounting applicant. If you are uncertain whether you wish to go this route, here are the main benefits you will see when you […]

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Five Things Accounting Temps Must Know

When you need help in your account department, finding the right person is a real task. Accounting jobs come with prerequisites in both familiarity and training. You need someone who is well versed in both accounting and bookkeeping practices and is ready to hit the ground running. When considering your next staff member, it is […]

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Six Tips for Bridging Employment Gaps

A common concern for job-seekers is filling in gaps in employment on the resume. After all, sometimes job searches hit a lull and job-seekers end up out of work for longer than they’d like. In these cases, it’s a good idea to consider ways that employment gaps can be filled. Otherwise, lengthy gaps in employment […]