3 Tips for Recruiting Candidates for Finance and Accounting Positions

Business professionals recruiting candidates for finance and accounting positions

When you’re recruiting someone for a certain position, the idea is to try and make that position look as attractive to them as possible. Different companies do this in different ways. Some might offer the candidate more money and better benefits. Others might have a great company culture. Still, others might offer the candidate flexible […]

5 Tips to Fill That Finance Position with a High-Quality Candidate

Hiring the perfect financial advisor

It takes a certain kind of person to work in a finance job. Not only does that person need to have a good head for numbers, but they also need to be able to come across as reliable and dependable so that people will be willing to give them their money to invest. It may […]

4 Tips For Recruiting Finance and Accounting Personnel

Business People meeting Planning Strategy Analysis Concept laptop meeting with technology. Recruiting Finance and Accounting Personnel

You are facing a serious challenge when you are looking for professionals to fill your financial department. People with the requisite skills and certifications are thin on the ground and all companies need someone to do the basic financial work such as running payroll. You can find yourself competing in a tight market. Of course, […]

What Accounting and Finance Jobs Pay in San Diego

Finance Jobs

  If you’re a candidate looking for accounting or finance jobs in San Diego, knowing what the going rate is helps you judge whether you’re being paid what you’re worth or whether an offer is in line with what others are earning. If you’re an employer, this information can help you set salaries to attract […]